Thursday, August 9, 2012

Man of Steel

Hello you gorgeous human being!  I'm glad you're here today.  I want to talk about superheros today.  Well, one superhero, actually.  Superman.  He's pretty great.  Wanna know what else?  It's probably one of the most common Halloween costumes known to man.  I mean, what little guy doesn't dream about being able to fly, being an alien that looks like a human, and is super-strong?

Let me show you Exhibit A:

Yup, Ammon, circa 2010, at the tender age of 27.  In a... are you ready for this?  A youth sized 12 and up husky Superman costume.  Yes, you read that right.  Youth size.  He was very proud that he got the costume for super-cheap, because it was a kid's costume.

I did not wear a youth sized costume... but I did go as Lois Lane.  AND I wore makeup.  I felt a little bit like a cradle robbing cougar.

But the best part of the night... I appreciate more now, because in the last year I started watching the world's best nerd show, "The Big Bang Theory":

Found on Pinterest...
Oh yeah, that's right... Ammon was challenging his inner Leonard, before we knew who Leonard was.  And don't worry, my friend Michelle wasn't making out with him... just her Marilyn Monroe wig.  It was a strange night.  We'll leave it there.

I hope this went a long way in brightening up your Thursday, I know it made mine 10 times better!  Shout-out to the ever amazing, hilarious Dusty for inspiring this blog post.  One of the most hilarious email threads I've been privy to in a Tennessee second.


  1. Whenever I am looking for Halloween costumes - I always look in the youth section. Their costumes are a lot cheaper and a lot less provocative. No one needs to see me in a super short skirt. Ever.

  2. I have the same costume.

    I wear it to Wal Mart.

  3. Too cute :)
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award - check it out:

  4. Haha too funny! I just started following you, hope you'll follow back:)

  5. haha. Must show Dan this one! (and he might even steal this idea) ... we love the big bang theory!

  6. BAZINGA! {yeah, that's all...} Weren't we just texting about my crush on anything Sheldon-esque?

  7. lol wow. This is great! And I really like the Big Bang Theory, I just never watch it!

  8. Lord if this isn't the best blog post ever! I am so glad that this was in my day! I laughed so hard. He defiantly is a hero.

  9. Ha! That's great - and hello fellow Women's Wednesday writer from Tragic and Lovely- I really enjoyed your responses and wanted to say hi! Also- I HAVE to know, where are those hippos in your profile pic?

    1. Hi Dierdre! I really enjoyed your responses as well! Glad we could co-contribute together! Those hippos are at the Denver Zoo... the big one is a representation of Burt, the oldest known Hippo in the world, who lives at the Zoo.


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