Friday, August 17, 2012

Last Saturday

Did you notice that it's Friday?  And that I'm just now talking about last Saturday???

I noticed too.  I guess I decided we had better things to talk about.  Hope you forgive me, given enough time.  Last Saturday, I had big plans to go to the hippie-dippie music festival in Fort Collins.  I was so pumped to go.  5 music stages, hippies, dogs, food, beverages... all the makings of a perfect twirly weekend.  And it started out awesome.  I didn't even get out of bed until 10:30 am.  Like a lazy-person.  This never happens.  I am a "greet the day and get it done" kind of girl.  Went to the bank and ate.  Showered, put on flowy white skirt, and tank top.  Flip-flops.  Ready spaghetti.

First up on my perfect Saturday was my free coffee from Corner Bakery.  Because you know it has to be done.  Always. 

Ammon decided he needed a croissant.  I decided you need to see a picture of him eating the croissant.  You're welcome.

When we left, we couldn't start the car.  Well heck... we ended up waiting 45 minutes for the people parked next to us to finish their leisurely lunch and come out to give us a jump.  Figuring that all the battery needed was some charge time, we went for a drive.  I tried out taking nature pictures from a moving vehicle:
After an hour or so of driving, we went downtown and parked.  And realized that the battery was dead again.  So much for that wild hope that the car would be okay.  We decided to deal, and spend an hour or so at New West Fest enjoying ourselves before we would have to flag down someone to jump the car again.

We ended up seeing a great band, The Haunted Windchimes.  Phenomenal folk group from Pueblo, CO.  They really like mini instruments, which makes my piccolo-playing soul happy.  And we saw little girls dancing, which makes everything better.

The old people all seemed to be from a commune, and they all mysteriously knew the same dances... I wish I had better pictures of them.  It was highly amusing.

Fort Collins has started this really cool project where they put painted pianos in popular pedestrian areas, and encourage people to play them.  This is one of my favorites.

So after watching the amazing set, we decided we should probably go buy a new battery for Ammon's car.  Since we had a stellar parking spot, we hoped we could bribe someone into jumping our car in return for the parking spot.  Very handily, the handicapped parking spot next to us was unoccupied when we got back to the car, and we were able to flag down a long-haired hippie straight away.  We weren't so lucky with good service at Advance Auto Parts, where we went to get our new battery.  $120, and an hour and a half later, we had purchased and installed our new battery.  Well, I paid for the battery, then sat in the car reading.  I didn't install anything.  To make up for it, I talked Ammon into taking me to Home Goods.  It opened a few months ago, and I had been sort of avoiding the trip.  I knew I would be tempted to spend if I went in; I was not wrong.  MECCA, people.  Mecca.

This mirror almost made me weep tears of joy, until I realized I could probably make it.

Cafe Rio just happens to be right next door to Home Goods!  So naturally, we needed it, right?  Especially after the great battery fiasco just a short time earlier.  We were too excited to take pictures of our food.  But I told Ammon he had to pose with the sign on the door.  For proof that we conquered it.

So there you have it.  I don't remember what I did for the rest of the night.  Everything after that is of little consequence, because I had hippie music, home decor, and a smothered burrito.  Totally worth a burrito debacle.

This Saturday, I'll be working.  Such a strong contrast from the last.  What are your weekend plans?


  1. that sounds like such a great Saturday! (minus the car battery dying) I love the painted piano idea too.

  2. You have such a positive attitude about everything, even dead car batteries. =) It sounds like such a perfect Saturday, and I wish you could repeat it every weekend!

    My weekend plans? Filling out more online job applications if I can make myself - haha. It's an exciting life, I know.

  3. I've heard Cafe Rio is really good. I wonder if there is one near me! My weekend plans are to hopefully sleep in tomorrow since Lyla will be at a sleepover with grandma and grandpa and a wedding on Sunday!

  4. Downtown Denver is doing the decorated piano thing too! It's really cool.

  5. Well... the piano thing has mike and I convinced that we need to go visit colorado. That's just plain awesome.

  6. So glad you had such a great day! Well maybe except for the battery. And I read the line nature pictures really fast and thought it said naked pictures! It's been a long couple of days :)


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