Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, hello Monday!  While everyone else is dreading you, I'm undoubtedly reveling in you glory right now... these regular 3 day weekends my job allows me really are the best.

...Enough of my bragging.  It's rude.  How was your weekend?  Did you have the best time?  So far, this weekend has been pretty darn great.  Better than most.  I know you all want to know why.  You're all, "Get ON with it, Kristen".

Fine.  Be pushy.  I, personally, find the suspense delightful.  Besides, you always have the power of scrolling down.  You don't have to suffer my inane chatter.

Friday I got off work at 4, because I worked late for one of the other girls earlier in the week.  It gave me the perfect amount of time to go to the post office to mail off a package.  I also considered making a stop at the jewelry store.  Why?  Well, a while back, I talked about how we're planning on getting married NEXT SUMMER.  And no, we're not officially engaged yet.  We've had many people ask where my ring was, and last week, Ammon decided that the next person to ask him that question would be graced with the answer, "I don't have a ring yet either!  Where's feminism in action?"

...As I write this, it's less funny than it was at that moment.  It just sounds angry.  But trust me, it was pretty funny in the context of our conversation.  So, I was seriously considering purchasing a ring.  For Ammon.  So that I could get mine.  But, I didn't.  I thought it might be too much pressure on him.

Friday night after dinner, I decided I wanted yogurt.  I have a strong weakness for TCBY.  So good.  Off to TCBY we went... already talking about proposals.  I don't remember how it came up, but it did.  We got a block away, and Ammon made me pull over the car.  He unbuckled his seatbelt, knelt on the floor of the front seat, and asked me to marry him.  No ring, just a proposal.  A heartfelt, honest, genuine, "I don't want to live without you, please join your life with mine" type of proposal.  It was very, very sweet.  Never what I pictured, but it seemed to fit us.  After I agreed and started driving again, I admitted that I had almost gone and purchased him a ring so that I could propose to HIM.  He thought it was hilarious.  I reminded him that to me, it didn't matter what kind of ring was on my finger, so long as it was from him, I would be happy wearing a ring from Wal-Mart.  He asked me if I was serious.

Just so we're clear, I was, and still am serious.  I don't think the price of a ring should matter, so much as the symbol matters.   So he insisted that after TCBY, we go across the street to Wal-Mart for a ring.  And lo and behold,

Please pay less attention to how crappy I look, and rest your gaze upon the $48 beauty on my hand.  Originally, we were calling it our pseudo-engagement ring.  Then, the pre-engagement ring.  Kristina suggested it might be a promise ring.  I'm still not sure what to call it.  Any of the three are probably appropriate.  We're pretty set on when we're getting married, and the concept of a promise ring has always seemed juvenile... but I guess that's really what it is.

Whatever we end up calling it, I'm wearing it.  It's what we could afford, and it's where we're at.  That doesn't bother me.  And, for the moment, hopefully people will stop asking where my darn ring is.


  1. AHHH congrats girl! And I love that it's from Walmart! Engagements shouldn't be about the ring. It's about your commitment for each other. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  2. !!!!!!!!! I'm still so excited for y'all! :) Whatever you two love birds decide to call the ring, it IS the symbol that's important and I think y'all are going about this in a perfect way for y'all. That's what matters. :) Congratulations!

  3. I love this post. Sooo soooo sooo much! Congratulations:)

  4. omg congratulations!!! this is very exciting :-D I totally agree with you and do not care much for expensive rings at all. mine is white sapphire as opposed to diamonds, and is like 1/10th of the cost of a diamond engagement ring.

  5. I love your funny posts. And yay for a pre engagement!

  6. happy pseud engagement/promise/pre-engagement ring!

  7. its the meaning that counts.i also like how he's not paying one pit of attention to what is going on in the room. typical male.

  8. Dusty's comment above is hysterical. You're all flashing your ring and he's watching tv and seems to have no clue. A ring is a symbol of your love, commitment and life together. It doesn't matter how much it cost. Congrats!

  9. I remember telling people before we were engaged but us knowing we both were gonna get married I would always have to say we were "engaged to be engaged" haha Was so excited to finally have a ring so that I did not have to say that silly statement anymore. Totally agree its the meaning that counts! Congrats !!

  10. Preengagement ring.

    I'm just going to start wearing one, but mine will be from a cracker jack box.

  11. I love it.
    And now I feel bad because I JUST saw this post in my reader, and I'm SO BEHIND everyone else. Shoot.
    Well, you have my heartfelt congratulations/excitement/etc.
    I'm super happy for you guys, and even though you knew you were getting married anyway, it's still exciting!

  12. Aw KRISTEN!! I love this! So happy for you & your Mr.! = )

  13. love! congrats! regardless of the exact title of the ring, it's a beautiful thing and i'm so happy for you!


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