Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More than a lunch

Non-Utah people please stand up and take notice:  those darn Utah folk have been holding out.  They had a culinary marvel just hanging around their state for the longest time, and until a few months ago, this Colorado girl never even knew it existed.  And then, when I heard about it, I was pretty convinced that it couldn't really be all that special.  People.  This is something incredible.

It's Cafe Rio.

We had one open up in Fort Collins about 2 months ago I guess.  Long enough that I have been sighing every time I pass by, wondering when I'm going to be like all of the other bloggers and go try it.  But when you live in the state where Chipotle was founded, and your boyfriend is one of the most avid Chipotle lovers in the state, it's hard to try "yet another burrito place."  Okay, that's a lie.  I can think of 6 different burrito places in our area.  5 of them all in a 6 mile radius, and one in Boulder.  That's a lot of burritos, people.  After a while, they all start to run together.

So, on Sunday, we took the plunge and went to Cafe Rio.  We walked in the door to a full house.  Good sign #1.

They were making fresh tortillas when we got to the front of the line.  Good sign #2.

They will smother any burrito in sauce and cheese.  For free.  Good sign #3.

Their drinks... oh the drinks.  Hand-made Limeades and Lemonades.  Hand-made Horchata.  All for the same price as soda, and unlimited refills.  This doesn't qualify as a good sign.  This qualifies as a sign from Heaven.

Probably the most agonizing food decision I'd made in a long time was between the burrito and the salad.  When I found out Ammon was getting a burrito, I went for the salad.  I operate under the "what's yours is mine" principle with food.  If it looks good, I'm probably going to steal a bite.  Be warned.  Oh, and that dressing?  It's a creamy, cilantro packed tangy goodness.  If they bottle it, I will buy it.

Why is it those darn Utah bloggers get all of the best stuff first?  Stop holding out, Utah.  The other states like it when you share.


  1. That place sounds amazing! Chipotle is one of my favs. I'm so bad abt trying new places. I always stick to what I know.

  2. I need this place in my life now. If only I was in Utah. I love yummy food finds.

  3. oh yum! and I operate under the same concept - thank goodness:)

  4. ahahahaahah.

    you are ridiculous.

    this is not a hidden wonder.

    not at all.

    Amy told me I am selfish for taking her there because she cannot have it on the regular.

    cafe rio is reason enough for me to never move.

  5. If only I was in Utah. Except I am not really a fan of utah. Well, I like the state, but I just won't get into that stuff right now.


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