Monday, August 27, 2012

Randomly Monday

As I write this post on Sunday night, I can't think of any one cohesive thing to say.  There are so many little things.  So many big things, yet none of them really fit together.  So seeing as today is Monday, and one of those few Mondays where I have to put on clothes and a smile before tottering off to work, I decided to indulge my randomness, and give you a post full of tidbits.  You're welcome, self.

~So I didn't share this before, but Ammon's financial aid for this school year has been a DISASTER, and when school started last Monday, we still didn't know if he was actually going to be granted his financial aid or not.  Last Wednesday, we found out he wa approved, and this huge weight came off of my shoulders.  He will have the financial aid he needs to finish these last 2 semesters!

~Another thing I didn't share before:  I lost that promise ring of mine last Wednesday.  Really, truly.  So embarrassing.  Until Sunday night, when I was pulling a cucumber out of the fridge, and my ring fell onto the kitchen floor.  And then I got to tell Ammon, "Look hney, I found my ring.  It was in the fridge."  Somehow, I made it sound like that's where I keep all of my rings.  He told me that the next time I lose anything, he's going to look for it in the fridge.


~I did serious cooking on Sunday.  It was epic.  I made homemade tomato sauce using the mountain of yellow tomatoes we had from our CSA, and then I put that over chicken and added a salad for lunch.  Dinner, we had lamb chops, homemade tzatziki sauce, sliced fresh cucumbers, and pita.  We also ate a lot of watermelon.  I have just enough watermelon left for me to make a strawberry watermelon protein drink in the morning.
~This week is going to be pretty intense.  I work today from 8:30-5, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30-6, then class Wednesday night from 7-9:15.  Thursday, I work 8:30-3, and am off until the following Tuesday at 9 am.  You know who loves holiday weekends?  This girl!

~I love all of the advice you all gave me about the greatness of Shabby Apple dresses.  It seems like a lot of you find them to be worth the investment!  I haven't purchased very many dresses in the last few years, because I bought several "investment dresses" about 5 years ago.  While I still love them, they're starting to show their age, because I wear them CONSTANTLY.  It might just be time to add in a new investment piece.  Thank you all for your input on that subject.

~I get annoyed when I hear about a baked dessert recipe that "only calls for 3 ingredients".  People.  Boxed mixes are not the answer.  It is not that much more work to make things from scratch, and it's cheaper.  Plus, you aren't going to get whatever nasty fillers, preservatives, and stabilizers that they like to throw in there.  If you want that convenience, there are pins all over pinterest for how to make your own "boxed mixes".  Okay, I'm stepping off my soap box now.  Thank you for indulging me with that one.

~My business law professor is a judge in Larimer County, and he periodically hears cases for our Property Management Company.  Except, guess who can no longer testify before said judge due to potential bias?  Yup.  We will now have to make sure that if I am testifying, that we will not appear before that particular judge.  I feel so special (this is my sarcastic voice).

Anyway, that's my Sunday night/Monday.  As you read this, there is a 70% chance that I will have a cup of coffee no more than 18 inches from my right hand.  That is the hand I use for holding beverages.  See how much you're learning about me today?  I know you're glad you stayed through all of the blog post, just to learn this final little factoid about me.


  1. wow, I'm so glad you found your ring! leaving it in the fridge is totally something I would do too lol.

  2. Totally LOL'd at you finding the ring in the fridge. That's soooo something I would do. I lose evvveerryything. Thank god I have Sebastian because he always seems to keep track of my things, especially earrings that seem to be everywhere. :)

  3. OH, Kristen! Haha. Ring in the fridge?! You are awesome.

  4. I love that your ring was on the fridge! So glad Ammon's financial aid worked out. One less thing to worry abt right?!

  5. lol ring in the fridge. At least you found it! I once dropped mine in a parking lot.

  6. You have been a busy bee, a cook and a treasure hunter. I think that's a action figure of some sort


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