Monday, August 6, 2012


Success, people!  Thank you so much for all of your comments and suggestions over the weekend... and wow!  Who would've known that so many of you have had problems with Blogger???  As it turned out, I was having a profile issue. 

Back when I converted to the new blogger interface, I went ahead and decided to switch my blogger profile for my Google+ profile.  This, I guess, was a HUGE mistake.  Somehow, everything worked fine for the longest time, then BOOM!!!!  Rockets went off, and my email was dropped off the face of the planet.


So, the solution to this issue:  In the mew blogger interface, there's a drop-down menu with a cog symbol on it.  Select that drop-down menu, and click the button that says "Convert back to Blogger Profile" or something like that.  Follow all of the steps for getting that set up... It's kind of time consuming.  Now, here's the kicker:  make sure you click the unassuming little check box that adds your email address to your profile.  This is what solves the whole entire issue.  I'm sure there's some way to fix this in Google+, but given my level of frustration... I settled for simplicity.

So, I'm now back in the commenting game.  If you quit replying to my comments, please know that you can start again.  Sorry for the interruption.

What pressing Blogger issues have you had?  It's amazing the strange things that happen, and the not so obvious solutions to those issues!


  1. Wow! Sounds complicated but im glad you got it fixed. I guess its times like these that im glad my blog is wordpress...even though I feel like only person on earth not using blogger!

  2. I had this SAME problem and I have a post going up in a little bit - later today of how to fix it. There is no way to fix it IN Google+ - been there, done that, tried. There is the idea concept that it's Google's way of helping people not get spam in their inbox (but that doesn't make much sense to me, and we are all adults - so shouldn't it be OUR decision??). Anyways - now that you have that box clicked you can actually reconnected to Google+, and have your email attached.
    Insane, redundant and a bit silly, huh?

  3. YES!!! YOU FIXED IT! And I'm oh, so happy.
    And... I thought you would be proud - I worked out this morning, then Mike and I played sand volleyball for about half an hour, then we went on a 5 mile bike ride. BOOM for physical activity.

  4. I hate technical crap. I would have still been searching for the solution.


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