Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Now, many of you may think that the title of this blog post is referring to politics.  But homie, you should know that I'm not ready to go there on my blog yet... or ever.  I like having friends in blogland.

No no, I'm referring to something completely different.  I'm referring to a very special song... have you figured it out without checking the YouTube clip yet?  No?  You can't follow what goes on in my head?

Oh yeah, guys.  I remember when this song first hit it big.  My brother and I had gone to stay with my grandparents in CA for a week, and my oldest cousin was living with them at the time.  He kept coming into the room to turn on the music video.  I must have seen it 40 times that week.

Back when MTV and VH1 played music videos...

What does this have to do with anything?  Well guys, it's officially peach season in Colorado.  That blissful 5-6 weeks where the western slope of Colorado produces delectable, perfect, juice running down your chin peaches.  They are so good.  So very, very good.

I bought a huge bag of the seconds (errr, imperfect) peaches at the farmer's market Saturday.  They look terrible, but taste amazing, and are $10 a bag cheaper than the perfect ones.  Inevitably, one split on the way to the car, meaning it was in my belly before I pulled into traffic.  And 4 more were too damaged to consume.  But most of them are ugly deliciousness.

I very well may turn into a peach over the course of these next few weeks.  But I promise, I will enjoy every single second of it.


  1. Yes, I remember this song! Happy Peach Season!

  2. That sounds sooooo good! And I loved that song, I still remember all the words.

  3. The song made me laugh :)
    I'd SO be up for a CO blog meetup! Let me know the details :)

  4. mmmm peaches are so good! I'm jealous that you have a whole bag of them lol


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