Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ammon's important hiking advice

So, Tuesday's post was dedicated to Alyx.  Today's post is dedicated to everyone's favorite long distance hiker, Twiggy.  See, she did a guest post a while back about positions... it can be found here.  When I told Ammon about said post, he decided that Twiggy is one of the coolest bloggers I follow... until she told me I should freeze and recycle leftovers in my comments one day.  Ammon's a comment reader.  He feels like he knows you guys now, because he reads comments.

But seriously, her blog and the photos that she takes are incredible.  She makes me believe that one day I could go on a multiple-day hike without being absolutely paranoid that a bear will catch my  scent and decide it's time to bulk up for winter.  And she posts lots of pictures of newborns.  That's always a plus.

So, while we were hiking in South Dakota over the weekend, we snapped a few photos that depict some variations of the positions Twiggy described [in her guest post] in such amazing detail.  Behold:

To get this right, he really needed to arch his back more.  But, you get the idea.

You really need a pretty good amount of upper body strength for this one.

I thought I'd throw this one in... this is probably the best ever, if you can find two rocks that are just the perfect distance apart, and have a nice drop-off in between.

So, what are your ideal hiking "positions"?  Do you take awkward  pictures that look like you could be pooping in the woods?  Just us?


  1. THIS MADE MY DAY!!! hahahaha....this cracked me up. Ya'll are the best.

  2. LOL!!! I love Twiggy, too!! This is hilarious!

  3. I love Sticks but I don't want to hike and pose. Too hot!


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