Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Balloon bunnies

So, I FINALLY got Ammon to download all of the pictures from Sunday onto my computer.  He got a little camera happy, and 121 photos later, I think I have a couple to share with you =).  Nothing happened on Saturday, because I was busy not trying to fail my summer classes, so don't think you're missing out on anything fun or amusing.  You aren't.

So, this is Sunday in pictures:

We started at IHOP.  Yup, that's right.  I find it super-delicious.  AND it just so happens that they have a guy who comes and does balloon animals on the weekends.  Double awesome!

And 10am is never too early for a Sundae on your birthday.  Especially when you're wearing a bunny balloon hat.
 We went specifically to see these beautiful elephants in the new Asian Elephants exhibit, and I am a HUGE fan!  The Denver Zoo has definitely been putting some time and effort into improving their animal habitats.
The lioness found me boring.  I'm trying not to take it personally.
This was a momma and baby Leopard.  The baby is only 10 weeks old!  Such a cutie
 Yup, you are seeing a Tiger on a fence.  We learned they can make a 15 foot vertical jump, and a 30 foot leap!  Thank goodness for 40 foot wide moats, y'all.
 This is the size of an average polar bear.  Yikes.
 They had a log for kids to crawl through.  Apparently if you're 27, you're still a kid, because I thought it was awesome.
 This is Burt the Hippo.  He's the oldest hippo in known history, he turns 56 this year.  The average life expectancy of a hippo is 49 years in captivity.  AND he has 30 kids.  Burt's a stud-muffin.
 So of course, Ammon decided that Burt and I needed to be best friends.
 After a couple of hours at the zoo, we got hot.  We headed down to the river to cool off and play bubble shoot on our phones.
 Finally, we met up with the parents for dinner, and presents.  They were amused by the headgear, and insisted I put it back on.

A new thermos and grill/griddle!

So there you have it, our Sunday in pictures.  I wish you could have come along with us, it really was a ton of fun.  Did you guys do anything special over the weekend?  Have plans for the 4th?


  1. Hey Kristen, that looks fun! Our Monday was also fun, check out my latest post to see what we got up to. I love Burt.. 30 kids.. That is out-of-this-world Amazing!! Great post, see you soon x

  2. Happy happy 27!! That hippo is IMPRESSIVE. such a busy body ;)

    I am also a fan of IHop. When we are united one day in our futures we will celebrate with morning ice cream sundaes! [because meeting friends in real life = as high on the "ice cream appropriateness scale" as birthdays, if you ask me ;)


  3. Burt is pretty awesome!! One of the elephants at the zoo here should be having her baby soon. I can't wait to see it! Looks like you had a pretty great birthday!

  4. Yea - what a fun birthday. And Ihop... I haven't been to one in years & years, but I remember the awesomeness.... and an inability to eat anything for the rest of the day. {Something about nuts and pancakes} =)

    And IHOP has a balloon animal guy?! That's awesome.
    Looks like a pretty dang good b-day!!!

  6. "i'll have the tutti rootie rad and fruittie."!!! you know what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ok, I'm gonna say it's not fair how cool your b-day was compared to mine lol, but happy late birthday. Thanks for the follow! I'm stoked to have you hanging around, after looking around here a bit, I'm thinkin we'll get along just fine. Let me know if you're interested in swapping buttons. I'm a new follower of yours regardless though :)

    Much love!
    Heather @ The Life Unexpected

  8. Love the bunny hat - I want one now. So when you're down here, V&You&I are going to IHOP for sure...and, I like that you get excited about kitchen stuff like I do!

  9. 30 kids huh? That's a lot of hippo sex. Maybe the famous Duggars are hippos.

  10. Glad you had a great birthday! Burt is a stud... do you think at 56 he's still mating?

  11. That is an awesome bunny hat! Looks like you had a great day! :o) Happy belated birthday!

    **Oh, and just a fun Alaska side note about polar bears. My boyfriend works on the North Slope and one of the buildings he works in has a polar bear cage (think of those shark cages they have that go off of boats) to check outside for polar bears before you exit the building. Crazy huh?


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