Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gunner blog-jacked me

Hi guys!  Gunner here.  Kristen doesn't particularly feel like blogging today, so I promised that I would give everyone a tour of where I've been staying these last few weeks.  Ammon and Kristen sure are friendly to let me stay with them, even though it means there are 4 of us in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment.  This is the front door, where we get ready to go for walks.  Kristen says the water isn't always there, but that she got it for me just in case the flooding made the tap water go away.  She gets really worried that I won't be able to adequately fill my slobber ducts.

This is the living room, where we all hang out.  Kristen really hates it when I take her spot on the sofa, and she makes me lay down on the floor instead.  You can see here that she loves her flannel snowflake pajama pants and "Orange is the New Black".  Also, that coffee table... I don't like it at all, but Kristen likes it a whole lot.  She says her dad created it out of salvaged Redwood he got while in college in Humboldt County, CA.  You can also see "my crib".  Which sounds totally juvenile, but much nicer than "crate", which is what mom would have you believe it's called.

And from another angle.  Kristen loves her teacups, cookbooks, and other "pretty things".  I just think it takes up space that could better be served by big fluffy dog beds.

 YET another space that should just be made into a giant dog bed.  They put food they don't want me to have up here.  Joke's on them, though, because when they aren't looking, I'm all up in it.  Beckham eats this special kibble, and it's sooooooo tasty.  They really need to understand that he told me we could share it.

Kristen doesn't let me have any of the good things that are in here.  It's very mean of her.  I tend to lose my feet on the floor, and I don't like that part.  I like the smells and the things she accidentally drops on the floor, though.  It's worth getting yelled at to lick them up.

The freshest water bowl ever, AND a box of candy.  It's true what they say about good things coming in small packages, I guess.

I'm the only person in the family who doesn't sleep here, and that just isn't right.  Look how soft and pretty it is!  One night I jumped in when Kristen was trying to go to bed, and I landed right in between her and Ammon.  I was so cute that they let me stay for a whole 5 minutes.  That 5 minutes is paving the way for my ultimate domination of the bed.  Forget Queen size... it's Gunner size.

This is the always messy office.  Beckham built a FORT in Kristen's crafting stuff.  It really isn't fair how he gets to do all of the cool stuff, and I'm stuck chilling in the crib.  To show how awesome I am, I've started climbing into Ammon's lap when he's sitting at his computer.  That'll show them who is the best lap dog of them all.

Oh, hey nemesis food sharing buddy.  You look so joyful right now.

Did you like the tour?  Did ya?  Did ya?

Oh good... Kristen says that I'm a dang expensive tour guide.  Whatever.  I'm off to get paid in kibble, kisses, and chew toys.  Until next time, friends of Kristen. 


  1. Holy moly - I love that coffee table! So awesome!!!

  2. The Coffee table is AMAZING. If my parents' dogs were to give a tour of the house it would essentially be of all the rooms they "rule" over. Except the kitchen where they are continually asked to leave, but they always sneak back in looking very cute.

  3. Hiya Gunner - so nice to meet you. I bet you'd get along with my friend Shirley.... she feels the same way about the kitchen and the bed!

    Kristen - love the coffee table and the little wall art of aprons! =) Miss you!

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