Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Every Morning

Every morning around 4:30am, the cat crawls up onto my chest for cuddles.  Of course, he isn't satisfied with just curling up there on my chest.  Nope, he walks back and forth on top of me until I reach up to pet him.  Once that hand is up there, I might be lucky enough to have him settle down.

Every morning at 5:45am, my alarm clock goes off.  If the cat is really obnoxious persuasive, I'll crawl out of bed to start my day.  If he's tired too, I'll usually doze until 6:15.  But once I'm up, it's go time.  First order of business is feeding the cat.  He WILL NOT leave me be until this step has been completed.  As I'm dumping the cat food, I let Gunner out of his crate for his morning stretches.  Those first up-dogs and down-dogs or the day are my absolute favorites.  He just looks so overjoyed that I'm up and almost ready to take him on a walk.  While he stretches, I start the coffeemaker.  It's my other great joy of the morning:  Knowing that I am short minutes away from coffee being fully brewed and ready for consumption.

While my life-giving elixir brews, I take Gunner for his morning constitutional.  We are usually out for about 10 minutes, exactly how long it takes for the coffeemaker to do what it does best.  But it isn't time for coffee yet.  Gunner has to eat.  He is hilarious at meal time.  So excited for noms.  Once he's in his crate and eating, it's time for my coffee and a shower. 

 From one of our early morning walks.

Every morning, I put off getting dressed for as long as possible.  I will sit in my robe and drink coffee and peruse the blog world until the last possible moment.  About 20 minutes before I have to leave, the dog comes back out of the crate, I get dressed, and I put breakfast together.  Almost every morning, that consists of fried egg whites and a quarter of a cup of old-fashioned oats.  So riveting, I know.  About this time, I pour my 3rd cup of coffee, and Ammon's first.

Did I mention that nearly every morning of our entire relationship I have been up and about hours before Ammon cracks an eyelid?  So, I get Ammon's coffee ready before he's even awake and set it on his bedside table.  On weekdays I give him a kiss, tell him he is in charge of the house, the dog, and the cat, and I head to work.  Knowing that unless tomorrow is Saturday, I'm getting ready to do the same exact thing again tomorrow.


  1. Your morning sounds so put together and refreshing! my mornings usually go, alarms at 5:05, 5:15, 5;25 and get up at 5:35. Then I shower, put the dog out, put on make up, brush my wet hair and get the heck outta there by six.

  2. What time do you leave the house to go to work? Sounds like you have a great morning schedule. Mine looks like this:

    5:45 alarm goes off
    6:15 wake up, putz around house, put dog outside
    6:25 shower time, get dressed, hair/makeup, listen to the news
    7:10 eat breakfast (yogurt & granola, or a fried egg, smoothie, coffee)
    7:20 finish up hair/makeup, gather things for office
    7:30 out the door, kiss Mikey, pat doggie, zoom to work

  3. Aw, sounds like a great morning to me. When I worked it was:

    5:30 wake up leap out of bed, brush teeth, wash face put on yoga clothes.
    5:40 make lunch, and pack bag, pick out clothes to wear to work.
    5:50 leave for yoga.

    Now it's more like:
    6 am: wake up with Inspector Climate.
    Lie in bed until 8:50, get ready for yoga. Leave at 9.

  4. KRISTEN. WE HAVE THE SAME MORNINGS. Minus the dog stuff, but I'm itching for a dog. ANYWAY. Noel walks all over me at the same time of night. When I don't get up early to run, my alarm goes off at 5:45 but I don't get in the shower till 6:15. And if Noel is not fed immediately, she will lose her mind. And then I drink a ton of coffee and eat breakfast and try to leave by 7:30, but it's usually more like 7:50.


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