Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye Geneva, Hello Gunner!

Guys... it's Wednesday already!  How the heck did that happen???  Today's Blogtember post had to do with favorite shops, and about favorite items in shops.  Let's be real:  I have never gotten super into Etsy.  I KNOW.  This makes me the world's worst blogger.  I'm totally okay with that.  So instead, we're going to talk about dogs today.

On Sunday, our friend Geneva went to her Furr-ever home.

Sunday morning Geneva and I got up early and headed down to Boulder to meet up with her new bestest friends, K and Pearl.  We stopped to get a coffee for me, and a pupuccino for her.  In Boulder, they use kids cups for the pupuccinos instead of the sample cups, so Geneva was sugar rushing by the time we made it to the park.  Geneva and Pearl hit it off right away, and I was surprised when K asked if she could take Geneva right away.  I wasn't sure how the process worked exactly, and to leave home with a dog, and come home without her was.... lonely.  While we knew that Geneva was not the right dog for us, we did quickly grow accustomed to the routines associated with having a dog around.  So we told our friends at the Mile High Lab Mission that we could foster again right away.  Sadly, they had a dog for us to take right away.  Someday, I hope they can tell us "we appreciate the offer, but all the dogs are safe, happy, and healthy".

Last night we went to get Gunner, a sweet 3 year old boy with lots of energy, and the cutest clubbed tail you ever did see.

He first came to the rescue with his littermates as a puppy, and has been adopted and returned to the rescue twice now.  It's never his fault, either, just the circumstances of life.  He is the softest dog in the history of life, and he loves to have his belly rubbed.  We're going to have lots of fun with this boy during the time that he's with us, I just know it.

My phone now auto-produces GIFs, and it's the greatest thing ever.

If you're in the CO area and looking for a dog, check out the lab rescue, or consider Gunner as your new friend for life!  He deserves to go to the best family ever.


  1. Oh my god - I cannot handle when dogs are adopted and then given back to the shelter. It crushes my heart. I get so worried that they won't get re-adopted when someone finds out they were given up. Ugh. Heart-strings.

    I'm so excited for your new pup though! :) SERIOUSLY if we were closer, all the puppy dates!

  2. So sweet! I'm not a dog person but I really wish I was.

  3. That would be difficult to do... I'd get way tooooo attached. and don't worry, I'm not into etsy either.

  4. You're far stronger than I am miss! I'd have such a hard time letting go!! Way to be though, it's people like you that make a difference in the world :) Eventually once I decide on whether to have kiddos or not, I want to start a rescue since my area is all kill type shelters. Ahh!

    Much love!


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