Friday, September 13, 2013

Floods, Natality, and Portraits of the self

Dude... this week is INTENSE, y'all.  For those of you not in the know, CO is experiencing the worst flooding it has seen in 100-500 years.  No flipping joke.  The medium-sized town next to my parents' small village is split in half by a flooded river.  Multiple school districts have shut their doors, and CU-Boulder has sustained substantial flood damage.  Flooding is something that us arid-high-plains-desert folk are not used to.  My parents had one of their basement window wells breach, so they have been having tons of fun bailing out their window well and shop-vaccing the water that got into the basement.

It's a big honking adventure, and to make it more fun, it's my dad's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite dad, my humor partner in crime, and a super-talented nature photographer.  I have a feeling that this year is going to be your year.

Fun story:  On or around my dad's 29th birthday, he told my mom he wanted a baby girl before he was 30.  Approximately 10.5 months later, his wish came true.  I like to think I'm the bestest present he's ever gotten.

Anyhow, let's talk about the Blogtember post of the day.  A self-portrait.

I took the most perfect self-portrait last fall.  It is still my favorite.  It is how I see myself on the inside ALL OF THE TIME.

Not quite all together.  A lot goofy.  Sometimes even just a smidge funny.

However, I felt like it was a cop-out to use my favorite self-portrait ever, so I took another one, as I am almost every day.  After work, still in my work clothes, on the couch and ready to study and/or blog and/or watch tv.  I like to multi-task.

Secret of the day:  I almost never wear makeup, and I don't heat style my hair.  I am super lazy about getting ready in the mornings.  And because the picture above looks far too normal...

Yup, that's about right.  Have a GREAT weekend, and stay dry out there!


  1. I so envy your no-heat-styling morning routine! I'd love to get to that point some day. PS - it looks like you had an incredible wedding!

  2. Poooor Colorado! How is the area around you? We're in a lull right now - a little sun and no rain.
    Love the photos :)

  3. Oh my gosh!! It is way crazier for you than it is for us! I mean, there was one day on the freeway where the roads were super bad! I was so tense, as tense as I am while driving in a snow storm! But I made it safely. I know there were a ton of wrecks from hydroplaning though. But mainly the flash flooding here has been in Zion National Park and other canyons. Yikes! I'm definitely praying for Colorado!

  4. Freaking floods, I've worried about you!

    I love that you aren't high maintenance I would like to think I'm not either, but really it just depends on the day and who I have to face.

  5. Great entry! Love the spiked hair. ;)

  6. Hi I heard about the floods...I have a friend in Broomfield..HOpe you are all safe.

  7. That picture of you is still my favorite.

    Oh man, I heard about the crazy flooding. Stay safe!

  8. The flooding has been on the news a lot here - It sound totally terrifying.

    also, I'm totally the same. I never wear make up (except for a job interview, I like to lure them into the sense that I'm super professional in my appearance. Hilarious). And I always let me hair air dry (this was because when I was about 12 I got my hair professionally done they blew dry my hair out straight and it was SCARRING. it had so much volume, I've resisted the hair dryer ever since.)


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