Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is where I come from

I decided to jump on the bandwagon with Jenni's Blogtember challenge.  I know that a lot of you are also doing this challenge, and I think it's a blast that everyone is going to be writing about similar things.  I think it's a wonderful opportunity to share common experiences and find new friends.

Today's prompt is "Where I come from". I seriously considered writing about the little town I grew up in.  About the miles and miles of trails winding through open space, about the cute little shops. about the moments there that made that place so special for me growing up.  However, that isn't really where I come from.  It's the people that surrounded me that made me who I am today.

This is my parents and my brother.  My parents have been together for 31 years, and are still as in love today as they were when I was little.  I assume as in love as they were when they got married, but I don't have any proof of that.  My brother is 3 years younger than I am and just finished an Associate's Degree in graphic design.  He created our save the date cards, as well as our wedding invitations.

My family communicates through sarcasm and humor mostly.  We aren't that super-supportive, lovey-dovey family like the Walton's.  We much more closely resemble the Simpsons.  I wouldn't have it any other way, though.  I love that my dad can make me laugh so hard that I fall out of my chair.  I love that my mom pretends that my dad and I aren't hilarious.  That my parents enjoy doing impressions... my dad's hilarious, and my mom's terrifying.

I come from a family where my uncles are a little... quirky.  A family that likes to have fun, and tease.  Even when that means showing up to a youngest niece's wedding dressed as a farmer.  Ammon found the pitchfork for him to carry.

I come from a family that doesn't mind modeling ridiculously ugly hats with me in antique shops, and laughing at themselves.

I come from a family that shares smiles and strong genetics, on both sides.

It isn't just family though:  I come from the place of having a childhood best friend who is still a part of my life, and for that I am infinitely blessed.

Where I come from... people that love me, support me, and laugh with me.  That's where I come from.


  1. OH wow, this was such a great prompt to get to know people. I think I'd get along just great with you and your family! Love all the photos too! Especially the farmer :).

  2. Sounds like your family is nothing short of fun! It's great to have such a great family that you can get so much laughter with.

  3. Wow, family get togethers must be a HILARIOUS time :)

  4. LOVE these pictures! It sounds like your family is wonderful and a lot of fun :)
    I am a chicken and I'm only going to play along once a week, ha!

  5. My family is sarcastic and funny too! It's so great your parents have been married for so long. Mine celebrated 31 years just a few weeks ago :)

  6. Strong genetics.. I'm not entirely sure how to take that;)

  7. Looks like you come from a great group of people, I love the pictures!

  8. The pictures make this post! Having people is the greatest blessing! :)

  9. The uncle. I love it!

    Sarcastic families are the best. My dad makes me fall over from laughing. How do other people function without funny families? I don't know.


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