Monday, February 11, 2013

In which Ammon makes a tough call

This was my one day weekend.  As it's Monday, my usual day off, and I'm getting ready to go to work, you get the rare, elusive Weekend Update from me.  Sorry I can't be more original.

So while most of you spend your Saturdays going on fun adventures, or even just hanging out at home relaxing, I spend 2 out of 3 Saturdays at work.  Now, most of you probably think this is a fate worse than death, I'm sure.  However, my perspective is a little different.  You see, I came from working retail, where I was required to work every single Saturday and Sunday.  Pretty much no matter what.  They even limited the number of people who could request a given weekend, or even day of the weekend, off.  So having every single Sunday, and most Mondays off?  A much better deal.

As a result of this, Saturday kind of becomes my Friday.  I get off at 4, and we get a little extra time together to kick off the weekend.  So last Saturday as I got off of work, it was snowing.  I had walked the 500 yards to the office that morning, and my car was sitting at home.  Obviously, this is entirely unacceptable in my book.  If it's snowing, I'm not walking, even the 2.5 minutes to get home.  I'm a princess that way.  So my favorite knight in shining armor agreed to pick me up in his glorious chariot.

What???  You don't think a 2005 Subaru Outback is a glorious chariot???  You are obviously mistaken.  Oh, and that isn't a picture from today.  That was last winter, when it snowed more than an inch or so at a time.  This winter is a let-down for CO.  And the back of our car doesn't actually have a mustache, I just want to make it marginally harder for all of you to creep on us.

So I get into the chariot, and we whisk off to Wal-Mart to get more syrup for the SodaStream.  We are planning on investing in a Bag-in-box system in the next month or so, but Ammon needed some syrup to get him by in the meantime.  He wanted to linger over juicers until I heard screaming toddler.  I can handle screaming babies.  But for some reason, tantruming toddlers in public places make me insane.  So we dashed for the checkout line before the veins at my temples started pounding out the killing rhythm.

On our way home, we were driving by our favorite local microbrewery.  Remember this post, where I talked about all of the things Coloradoans are obsessed with, and how we love our microbreweries?  Yeah.  Ammon and I are no exception to that rule.  So we agreed to go in and have a brew.  It has been a long time since we did something like that, and we were both in the mood.

I waited in line to get our beers, and Ammon decided to go rescue a little old lady in distress.  She wanted to order from the food truck outside, but couldn't find their menu.  Well, that is because they didn't bring menus (smart call, food truck), and only had it on a chalkboard posted to their truck.  Ammon being the dashing dude he is went and took a picture of the menu with his phone so that the little old lady could look over the menu.

With beers in hand, I fought my way back to our high-top and set them down.  I then Instagrammed a very important picture.  It highlights Ammon's very important decision quite clearly.

He decided he would rather STUDY CHEMISTRY than drink the delicious product of Chemistry I had just procured for him!  In fact, he spent a good 5-10 minutes just studying Chemistry.  I wish I could say this is an isolated occurrence.  It isn't.  Homeboy loves to learn.  He did eventually drink his beer, though.  He knew better than to slight his beer.

Sunday brought church in the morning, lunch at home, and then us going our separate ways to get things done.  Ammon went to get more studying done for Chemistry, and I finished up Accounting homework and worked some more on my trial-run of the wedding dress.

Can you see why I spent so long talking about a dumb trip to a microbrewery?  It's because we're boring.  End of story.

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  1. how weird; last winter was a let-down in my neck of the woods, and this year it's been snowing tons nonstop!

    also, thanks for making me want food off a food truck and a microbrew at 9:30 in the morning lol

  2. I legitimally thought there was a giant mustache on the back of your haha I was dying.

  3. That's loads more fun then my weekend, which involved a crazy amount of junk food, trashy tv, and snow plowing. Back to work today... but the boss didn't come in because he 'hurt himself' shoveling. Gr.

  4. This sounds like a pretty rowdy weekend to me! Most weekends just consist of a phone call to my parents, yoga, and food shopping for us. And that's it!

  5. Well I worked all weekend so my weekend was definitely no fun.

  6. Funny because I just did a post on my birthday trip to Bend, Oregon to specifically check out seven different craft breweries! Haha. I love beer and don't think this post is boring! And in Oregon, Subaru Outbacks are considered chariots as well. ;) Great post!

  7. my weekends are 100% boring 100% of the time. We're so old.

  8. I have quite accustom to being boring. Putting my hair up and going to Target most days is rockin the A list. I can't think of anything more exciting in 25 degree weather than setting on my ass.


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