Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 things that terrify me for no good reason

This week has totally turned into "things" week for me.  Every time I have a fun idea for a post, it's something to do with "things".  When I sat down and wrote Monday's and tomorrow's posts on Sunday, I decided to space them out, because they both a) are meant to make you laugh; b) they both feature the word "Things" in the title.  But now, here it is, Monday night, and I have yet another "things" post that I'm writing.

The things are out to get me.

Speaking of which, this is a post about 5 things that absolutely, 100% utterly terrify me.  I can't handle them.  Please don't use this information against me.  That wouldn't be kind.

1)  The CU mascot, Chip:

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In high school, we had season tickets for the Women's basketball games.  Chip tended to get a little... friendly with the clearly underaged girls.  It freaked me out then, and I am convinced I will never get over it.  I get shivers just looking at that picture.

2)  Clowns:

Source: via Elaine on Pinterest

As a little kid, I loved them.  I even asked my parents how I could become a clown.  I dressed as a clown for Halloween more than 3 times.  However, as I grew into adolescence, the concept of clowns started to freak me out.  An adult who intentionally masks their identity and hangs out with kids?  Creeper-city.

3)  Psychological thrillers:

Source: via Tamsin on Pinterest

I get that they're supposed to be scary, but I have nightmares about them for weeks on end.  And it isn't just movies... after we read Gone Girl for the Blogger Book Club, I had nightmares about the book.  Hide and Seek is the most terrifying movie I've seen in my life.  Hands down.

4)  The things that "could" happen while I sleep:

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I am so afraid that someone is going to break in, or that there will be a fire, that it causes me to have insomnia.  It isn't as bad now as when I was a kid, but it still happens.  But obviously, if I can't sleep because I'm so worried, then nothing bad could EVER happen.

5)  Baby weight:

There.  I said it.  I'm 100% terrified of gaining baby weight, and not being able to lose it afterward.  I'm not even pregnant!  This has been a huge worry/fear of mine for 7 or 8 years now.  Especially since I realized I wasn't going to be mom-tastic before the age of 25.  It isn't going to stop me from having kids, it just means this may very well turn into a neurotic "must lose the baby weight or DIE" kind of blog.  I'm joking.  I think.

And there you have it.  5 ridiculous fears I have.  I'm a total wuss, and that's okay.  What are your crazy, silly fears?


  1. I am equally as uncomfortable about mascots! When we were just at Universal, Shrek came bumbling toward me and I was like "Zac- we HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW." He mostly laughed at me because this is a ridiculously unfounded fear. *sigh*

    And please, do not even start me with psychological thrillers. It is beyond me how anyone can live in their own world after seeing or reading one of those. I become wholly and totally entrenched in this fake world and therefore I am totally terrified that (insert villain from thriller) will (insert whatever happened in thriller) the minute I let my guard down. No bueno.

    We can be equally traumatized together! :)

  2. my irrational fears are these:

    1. tiger muskies (google it. they are in my favorite lake I go to in the summer and they terrify me.)
    2. cops. they hate me.
    3. an insect of any kind. ANY kind. don't let it get near me or I will pee.

  3. I'm with you on the thriller movies. Nightmares. For weeks. Also, the house break-ins too. Although, really, it's doubtful that it will ever happen. And I know where all the heavy frying pans are... =)

  4. I share a lot of these same fears, especially clowns!

  5. I get scared of the dark sometimes... I'm find until I start actually thinking about it. It's probably because I LOVE Criminal Minds and I think about serial killers lurking in the shadows. Is that weird?

  6. I'm basically afraid of anything where I can't see a person's face...clowns, mascots, I used to cry when I was little and they'd come up.

    I'm afraid of any crowd participation i might have to be in. I refuse I say. REFUSE.

    I cannot handle any psychological thrillers...ever. CSI is too much for me.

  7. I am right there with you on the baby weight. I am terrified of it. This MAY be the reason why I tell people I am not ready for kids. I love kids but hate the weight that comes with it. It doesn't help that I LOVE food and HATE physical exertion (aka working out)!

    XO Lourdes

  8. Girl. That first pictures? Looks like the chipmunk devil. I would hide.

    I completely agree with you on everything.

    I was never worried about baby weight until recently. I can't seem to keep my weight under control no matter how much I run and how well I eat!

  9. Okay, there is always a good reason to be scared of clowns! I don't know what it is, but good grief, they're terrifying. Particularly the one in that picture. *shudder*

  10. I will not watch anything that is remotely spooky. I get way too freaked out. Don't worry abt baby weight. It will come off. All mine came off from breast feeding. And you will be so busy chasing after the little monster you'll get plenty of cardio :)

  11. Don't like clowns either!

  12. Oh Kristen. We're like the same dang person.

    1. I was just telling Michael the other night how I don't like mascot's. No particular reason, they just creep me out.
    2. I freakin HATE clowns. When I was little & we went to The Ground Round, my parents would have to tell them to keep the clown far, far away from me. Otherwise I would flip my ish.
    3. Any scary movie, even the commercial for it, gives me nightmares.
    4. Sorta on this one. But we have guns that I know how to use. Doesn't scare me to much. = )
    5. Again, just talked about this with Michael. As I'm dying doing my workout, he says just think about the baby we want. And I said, yeah, I'll loose weight to get pregnant & then I'll get fat again. I'll join you in the must loose baby weight or die blog. = )


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