Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why I heart this day

I understand that a lot of people dislike Valentine's day.  They call it a Hallmark holiday, or hokey, or a day for romantic saps.  I can promise you that despite not being a "romantic sap", I truly have only love for Valentine's day.  I'm guessing that one of the reasons for this is that I live in Loveland, CO.  A town that wears its love in its name.  We are a city that decorates the town for February 14th, has our own special Valentine postmark, and has even dubbed the downtown post office "Cupid Station".  Scattered throughout the city are painted heart statues that remain all year, every year.  Do you need proof of some of these things?

Anyone can buy a personalized heart, and these hearts are displayed on the light posts on all of the major streets.  It's fun to drive down the road and read all of the professions of love.  Oh, and can we talk about how I totally scored, getting these pictures right at sunset?

These go for miles upon miles, and I think we have so many light posts, just to accommodate the sheer number of Valentine hearts.

The post office does a Valentine re-mailing program for any Valentine sent from CO.  Most post offices have a little gift wrapped box.  But the Loveland post offices have the cute hand-painted vintage mail drop-boxes.

But really, I love the sending and receiving of Valentine's goodies the best.  They are always so cute!  That's why I knew that I had to sign up for Alissa's Valentine's Day mug swap.  A new mug, that's in the theme of love day?  Yes please!  I was lucky enough to pair with Annie.  Girlfriend totally nailed the cute V-day package!  Lookie what I'm rocking these days:

And adorably pink patterned coffee mug that I've already sed 5 times, EOS lip balm in strawberry sorbet, and Essie nail polish in Forever Yummy!  And that card... the spots are all glittery!  It is beyond cute, guys.

If you want to see what I got Annie, head on over to her blog for the big reveal.

I hope that on this day that revolves around love, you find someone to share some love and joy with, be it a spouse, boy/girlfriend, friend, family member, or pet.  Give someone a smooch today, and wear your red and pink, dang it!


  1. Oh my goodness that's great that your town has all that stuff! I love it :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. your town is ADORABLE, I love all the hearts!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I need to move to Loveland, Co. I'm feeling all of the Valentine's Day festivities going on! Enjoy your new mug :)

  4. I'm jealous you live in the city of love. =) I just wrote a big long comment about how I feel about Valentine's Day. But it was a downer so I got rid of it. But, I did wear pink today! =)

  5. Cute stuff from the swap!!!!

  6. That is so cool, I had no idea that Loveland did that but it makes me happy(;
    Your mug is too cute!
    Great swap(;

  7. Aw, that's so sweet about Loveland! I'm glad they're taking their name seriously.

  8. The mug you received for the swap s so cute! I participated in the swap as well!

  9. That mug is SO cute. I'm kind of bummed I didn't participate in the swap =-/

    P.S. I got your card today. THANK YOU! You are so sweet and I absolutely appreciate it!

  10. it would be fun to live in loveland especially on feb. 14th! i love that mailbox with the bare bottomed little man. i will have to check out that essie color next time im at ulta im always looking the next color for my nails

  11. Your town looks so fun!

    And KRISTEN! Thank you for the card - I got it in the mail today!

  12. Happy belated Valentines day :)

    I hope yours was amazing!

    XO Lourdes

  13. I'm glad you liked your goodies! Happy belated Valentine's day :D

  14. I love the pkg you got! And thanks so much for my Vday card! You are the best :)


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