Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You never know where you'll find your next blessing in disguise

I lately inherited the curse of the Tuesdays.  Thursdays used to be my cursed day, my day when no good could come from life.  And then Michelle kept sharing about all of the ways that Tuesdays just don't work.  Ever.  And I realized that she and I have the same life pretty much all of the time, right down to crappiest days of the week.

It's the day when I run out of time to get a blog post together.

It's the day that I just want to stay in bed and snuggle my cat and my husband.

It's the day that the hot water runs out just before I rinse off my body wash in the shower.

It's the day that all of my customer service nightmares come to shocking life.

It's the day that I have to try to make nice with everybody and their brother.

It's the day that I get caught in construction during rush hour, and then a light goes out on top of everything.

It's the day that when I get on the treadmill, running for 3 minutes (only 3!!!!!!!!) feels unbearable.

It's the day that the dog is always extra naughty, and not even a little bit cuddly.

 Vampire Diaries.  So broody.  So overly dramatic.  It's Tuesday all the time in Mystic Falls.  Fact.
It's all of these things.  And more.  But you know what?

I don't have to blog every day.  Nobody sponsors this blog, nobody pays me to show up here. Nobody tracks the time I choose to log here.  I get to create this space as exactly what I want it to be.

It's the day that I get out of bed anyway, because I can better show my love to my family by contributing to that family.  Being poor but cuddly is vastly overrated by the romantics.  My animals and my human are expensive to maintain.

It's the day the hot water runs out, but so is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday... any day I try to shower at 7:00am, really.  I mean, we have a shared hot water heater for the whole building.  Of course the hot water runs out almost every day.  I could choose to get up earlier and have more hot water, I would just rather be colder in the shower but more kitty-hubby-snuggly in the morning, I guess.  Still beats being  poor and snuggly.

It's the day that customer service nightmares come true, but those are ALMOST a thing of my past.  And considering I have a trainee that I can pass so many of them off on, I should stop obsessing, and just let them roll.  I am soooooooo close to being the introverted accounting clerk of my dreams.  A couple of nightmares will only make the final payoff much sweeter later on.

It's the day I have to make nice, but deep down, this is so good for me on so many levels.  People deserve nice and friendly.  I truly believe that.  It's just so hard to give that when what you're getting is their worst bits all mashed together.  But that's the true test:  being nice and fair to those who don't deserve it.

It's the day that traffic makes me crazy, but I can take that opportunity to make phone calls, to jam out, or to just unwind from the stress of dealing with people.  No, the car is not the ideal chill-out zone, but there's nobody else there, so I might as well do a little healthy venting, right?

It's the day that 3 minutes of running seems insurmountable, but when I finish my 3 mile workout, and I haven't missed a single interval, I feel like all things in life are possible.

It's the day that the dog is extra naughty, but it's also the day that he's so excited I'm home that he runs in circles for 3 minutes, because he just can't stand to be so happy.  And I nearly cry from laughing so hard at the frenzy he gets wrapped up in.

And it's the day that I can choose to make a lesson, a day that forces me to be a better version of myself.  I don't believe that you choose joy:  I believe that for everything there is a season.  However, I believe that all things are necessary, and can cause growth.  And for all that Tuesdays are cursed, they may just be a blessing in disguise.

Do you have a "cursed" day?  One that just never seems to turn out right, no matter what?


  1. I love this Kristen! Turning all your negatives into positives is not an easy task :)

  2. STOP BEING SO POSITIVE!!! I'm kidding. Don't stop. You're awesome.

  3. Ugh yes - the terrible Tuesdays! But I definitely like your twist on the negatives!!

  4. Usually it's the first day of my period honestly (Too much sharing?) it's partly because I can't handle anything stressful on that day and partly because big life events seem to happen then (Job interview! Big test! Presentation at work! whatever).

  5. Sooo you're right. You don't have to blog every day. But now that I've actaully got a tiny bit of time to read blogs... you should not completely disappear. Because I love you.


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