Thursday, January 16, 2014

And I thought cross training would be the shocker

Just about 10 minutes ago (from when I opened this page, not from when you started reading this), I had to call one of my coworkers to come perform emergency maintenance on my apartment.  It's 9:15pm at night.  Insert all of the curse words.

This really on the surface is no big deal.  Maintenance emergencies happen.  In fact, I actively avoid having to have the maintenance come out, because they're my coworkers, and that's just weird.  However, when your whole building shares one hot water heater, and your shower hot water faucet is stuck in the "on" position because the stem blew, all you can do is call your coworker and grovel, and ask politely for them to come fix it so that your neighbors can take a hot shower in the morning.

Which is really too bad, because I was really proud of the fact that I actually did Cross Training tonight.  I hung through a 30 minute HIIT and ab challenge workout that I found on the YouTubes.  I really enjoy the fact that there are a limitless number of free workout options on the interwebs.  Who need a personal trainer or expensive programs when you can find free workouts to do at home?

Don't worry, I cancelled out all of the good I did by working out with a big glass of Parducci Pinot Noir and the cupcake that Ammon brought home for me to have for dessert.  He's a sweet one, that husband of mine.  Very sweet indeed.

And then I made Ammon watch the YouTubes with me for the last half hour.  He looked traumatized by Miranda Sings.

And because Thursdays are notorious around these here parts, my new favorite video.  Our maintenance lead shared this one last week, and it has been an everyday enjoyment since that time.

If that doesn't make you smile, you might need to seek professional counseling.  And while I haven't watched it yet, this one looks equally awe inspiring, so let's throw it in for some good measure, yes?

Well, that was a little bit creepy.  Oh well.  It took me back to being a small child who believed there were plants growing in my brain.  Fun Fact, my co-workers occasionally refer to my wardrobe as Mr. Rogers chic.
One more.  This one also care of the maintenance lead at work, and especially appropriate for us bloggers out there.  You'll understand.
And that is all that I have tonight.  It's bedtime.  I hope your Thursday is not notorious, but rather, more towards the end of pleasant on the spectrum.  Maybe if we all imagine in the garden of our minds that Thursdays are just happy accidents, that whole notion of a joyful Thursday will come true.


  1. I did a CrossFit workout last night - I am sore, sore, sore.
    Hope you got your hot water working!

  2. I will check out those videos when I'm not on my phone. At least you did it!! So that wine and cupcake didn't hurt as bad :)


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