Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whatever it is...

Whew.  Did you all make it through that post from yesterday?  I almost didn't make it through writing that post.  It hurt to write it.  It hurts to read it.  But it hurts in the way that says, "I should be more empowered than to have these thoughts, and to let these thoughts rule me."  Luckily, right after I wrote this on Saturday, Ammon showed up at home with these beauties, and life got a whole lot better.

Oh, girls... If I could only express to you how needed these flowers were right at that moment.  They were the spark of sunshine that reminded me that I don't always need to believe in myself, I just need to lean on the belief that others have in me.  It's probably the one concept I learned in Mary Kay that has made a lasting impression on me:  you can do incredible things when you can set aside your doubts and lean on the beliefs that others have in you.

I don't know what your particular battle is today, but I'm sure that you have one, big or small.  Every day we fight our battles, and the outcomes of those battles shape us.  For me, my battle today is probably going to be getting in a workout -- I totally skipped it last night in favor of wine and fighting a WAR with my homework.  Yes, homework and wine go together in my world.  It's the only reason my computer is still working well enough for me to write this blog post right now.  Jesus turning water into wine isn't the only wine-based miracle to ever grace history.

I want you to know, that no matter what battle you may be fighting today.  No matter how hard you are going to have to fight, no matter what the odds are, and no matter the outcome, I believe in you.  YOU are capable of winning, so long as you never, ever, ever give up the fight.  And I know you won't give up, because you know that you deserve to win.  You deserve to feel victorious today, even if it's only for a minute.  You are a rockstar, and I am constantly impressed by the things that you do.  Your spirit, perseverance, drive, and your heart are truly one of a kind. 

So wherever you are, whatever your day may bring, please carry this with you.  And remember that someone out there is pulling for you, always and always.


  1. I missed your post yesterday, and mostly what I got out of that is you need to start rock climbing again! Maybe with a group of women :)


  2. Yep, definitely needed to read this today since this week has been a battle in every possible way. Hope your battles tomorrow are easier.


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