Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nothing deep or meaningful about it


I feel weird writing this post today, it feels like a Monday post to talk about my fitness goals for this week, and recap what I got accomplished health/fitness wise last week.  But here I am doing it anyway, because Monday felt like the best day to post incredibly happy news, so that's what I did instead.

My goal last week was to run 2 miles three times, and complete 1 cross training session.  Of that, I did the three 2 mile runs, but I didn't manage to squeeze in the cross training over the weekend.  So, a 75%, a solid "C" for the week.  Unless you count the awesome massage I got on Saturday as Cross Training, in which case, I totally rocked that ish.

Yeah, I don't really count it either.  But I really wish that I did.  That would be amazing.  A C doesn't feel good enough for me, it doesn't feel like I worked hard enough, or pushed to get results.  And so as I looked back on what the problems were last week, I tweaked a few things to hopefully make them slightly more Kristen-friendly.

I remembered that I really tend to hate working out on Mondays and Fridays, so I flip-flopped things around for this week... we'll see if it helps me stay on track and get ALL of my workouts in this week!  Whatever helps me get them in is what I'm gonna do.  At this point, I am less concerned about adequately spacing rest days, and more so with getting back in the habit of doing some sort of exercise regularly.  Also, I'm working with the run/walk intervals, since that's what I'll be using in my training plan and on race day for my next half.

And while not explicitly stated, I will also be stretching and foam rolling the crap out of my legs. 

I feel like I should say something deep or meaningful about meeting my goals, and striving for new opportunities.  But truly, as I write this, I am crazy exhausted, and the wind is howling, and I'm not wearing a bra.  There is no deep or meaningful thought left in my noggin right now.  And if there were, it would be about wine, or the love of dogs, or something to do with slippers, because those are the things that are seeing me through this Monday evening.  Like I said, Monday workouts just don't tend to be a "thing" for me.  Also, Pinterest is just not helping a sister out with the motivational mumbo-jumbo tonight.  #firstworldprobs

So please just tell me in the comments below anything.  Maybe... that you're working out too, and how it's sometimes hard.  Or how you only have deep thoughts while wearing flannel.  Or that you hate when the wind sounds like a ghost.  I don't know.  But share so that we can all be happy, because it's Tuesday, and all Tuesdays need a little bit more random happiness.


  1. You GOT this!!! I'll be working out right along with you!!

  2. I'm working out too! I'm doing the couch to 5k right now. You would be ashamed if you knew how hard it is for me to run 2 miles. Running is so NOT my thing.


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