Monday, January 20, 2014

Nailed it

Do you ever get the urge to just text every single person in your phone the phrase "Nailed it" with no explanation?

Well, I guess even the dog thinks that might be a ridiculous and bad idea.  But seriously... sometimes you just have those weeks that when you look back on them, all you can think is that man... you nailed that.  And last week was totally that week for me.  A few things I nailed this week.

-- Not having any diet coke until the weekend.  It hasn't been a set goal, so to speak, but I realized that I was getting a little too attached to my beloved sorority girl crack again, and needed to stop the madness.

-- Knowing EXACTLY what the problem with our shower was when the water wouldn't shut off on Wednesday night.  3 years of troubleshooting maintenance problems in order to save our techs time has paid off in real ways for me.  Also, if you ever need your water heater pilot light re-lit, your garbage disposal cleared, or your toilet snaked, I'm your girl.

-- Being told by my soon-to-be former boss that she still wants me to write resident correspondence when I go to the Accounting department, because I do such a good job with it.  I'm still not entirely sure how serious she was.

-- Feeling like I won't be completely out of my league when I have my first day by myself as the A/R clerk for my office.  Our current A/R Clerk could do the job with one hand, blindfolded, while hanging by her ankles.  It's intimidating to have such big shoes to fill, but I'm starting to pick up the major stuff.

-- Getting in all of my planned workouts for the week, PLUS ONE EXTRA workout.  That felt so much better than I could have expected.  My extra workout was a walk with the dog... and he totally whopped my booty.  We did 4.6 miles in 58 minutes, which equated to me walking at my average long run jogging pace.  It was pretty brutal.

-- Actually taking my lunch and eating it instead of eating out every day last week.  I love treating myself to lunch out during hard weeks, and I was so proud of myself for not giving in to the temptation, and instead eating what I had prepared.  Saved some money, and most likely ate more healthfully too!

-- Enjoying the heat wave.  We've had a veritable heat wave in these parts for the past few days, with weather in the 50's!  Ammon and I were talking about how nice it is to wear just t-shirts, and how we would NEVER EVER wear t-shirts in July if it was only 50 degrees.  It feels like we have this same conversation every winter... especially when I run out to the car in the mornings to warm-up my car without a coat on, because "it isn't that cold".  Which makes no sense, because if you have to warm up your car in the morning, it's pretty damn cold.

Some things I'm gonna nail this week:

-- Having today off of work.  Thank you sweet government job.

--Getting to bed before 11pm.  I've been really awful about this lately, and it shows in how hard it is to wake up in the morning.  My real goal is to be in bed by 9:30, but baby steps.

-- The first week of classes for this semester.  Right now I only have 2 classes, plus my internship.  I had debated picking up just one more class, but as fate would have it, the online sessions are all full.  So instead, I'm going to enjoy a slightly lighter load this semester.

-- Incorporating this mantra into my life. 

-- Surviving these workouts this week, without any skips.  Like I said last week, days to me matter less than getting the work done, so as long as they're all in there, I will count it as a win:

What did you nail last week?  What are you going to nail this week?


  1. Damn girl! You did nail it! This is going to be a tough week for me. John will be out of town all week. Then Friday I'm making the 10.5 hr drive to Indy with a 3 year old. My goal is to just go with the flow :)

  2. This week, I am going to nail the social obligations I have (coffee catch up on wednesday, doctor's appointment thursday night, all day meeting on Friday (literally 9-5), and then visiting the in laws this weekend. Oy, I say. Oy.

  3. You DID nail it! You are awesome.
    The only thing I nailed this weekend was keeping my sweatpants on nearly 100% of the time...

  4. HAHA that makes it sound like I couldn't keep my pants on ;) What I meant was that I wore sweatpants nearly the entire weekend!


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