Friday, December 7, 2012

Uhhhhh... I'm awkward

To recap what the comments from yesterday told me:  Most bloggers are creepy stalkers who like to know what people are thinking at all times.  I suppose that is a pretty logical assumption to make, given our predelictions for hanging out on the internet and learning about each other.  Still, I was a little bit surprised by that.  It did make me laugh really hard though, to read all of your comments about what super-powers you would have!

Would it shock you in the slightest if I told you that I just deleted 2 really whiny paragraphs about how I want to go be a hermit in the woods after New Year's is over?  Because I just did.  This very accuratly describes my state of being, without a doubt.

As I write this on Thursday night, I'm winding down from a crazy, disjointed day where I vastly overslept, had 5 minutes to get ready, and was 10 minutes late for work.  Eff.  Thank the good lord for dry shampoo!!!  Where that stuff has been my whole life I don't know, but it will certainly be a part of my world from here on out.

But TODAY is Friday!!!  Which means that TONIGHT at 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST we're having a Christmas party!  I'm going to be drinking egg nog.  I had every intention of eating homemade cookies, but I ran out of time to do that.  So I may whip up some raw cookie dough for the express purpose of eating it raw.  Yum.  Oh, and I will be rocking a sweater.  Even better than this one:
My friend Emily saw the sweater hanging in my closet, and she lost her -ish.  For real, she did.  And if you're with us tomorrow night, you will be the second to see it.  Because Ammon saw it first.  And he promised me a future full of celibacy if I wore it in his presence again.

...Isn't that how all of the fashion bloggers decide an outfit is awesome?  They look so heinous their man friends won't think of them in a romantic way.  No joke, when I was new to the blogging world, I followed fashion blogs where their husbands and boyfriends did not want to be seen in public with them 45% of time.  This may be why I no longer read fashion blogs.

That was a tangent.  I would say sorry, but I'm totally not sorry.  I know you guys love it.  And if you think I'm random here, you should email with me, or skype with me.  I am obscenely random.  Even if you can't make it tonight, let's make a date to chat soon.  No need to stalk, let's be friends.  If you're reading this and you've never commented, I triple dog dare you to leave a comment.  Don't be shy, we're all friends around here.  You can even just say "hi" and leave it at that.  I'll do the rest.  I promise!

And if that didn't sound totally creepy, and like I am 100% desperate for friends, I don't know what would.  That was awkward.  But I stand by it.  The end.


  1. LOL! Soooo many things about this post are hilarious - first, the word 'predilections.' I love it, it just sounds cool. haha.

    then, your sweater... just simply mahvelous, dahling, simply mahvelous!! :)

    I wanna come hang out with youuuu! I don't have a crazy sweater, but we should definitely do a skype/hangout sometime. :)

  2. Youuuu are too much. Love your this google party. Especially love your tangent about outfits-that-males-hate, because Zac for sure thinks they're all hideous.


  3. You crack me up! :) I love randomness!

  4. Ha ha, what a hilarious post! I just found you through Craftbotic and have had a lot of fun reading some of your posts! Hope your Christmas party was fun!


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