Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's a good tree, Charlie Brown

I officially suck at Christmas.

No, really.  I do.

I started this season with so many aspirations of decorating, having Christmas cheer, wearing sweaters, baking cookies, et cetera.

 Well, I'm here today to admit that as of this time, we have no Christmas decorations up.  No tree, no Christmas village, no wreath on the door.

I have not baked a single cookie, my single most favorite of all things to do at Christmas.

I have tolerated Christmas music well this year.  I don't want to scratch my eyes out when I hear it, and that is a bigger accomplishment than you will ever know.

I have worn Holiday sweaters with pride, so I suppose that instead of decorating my apartment, I'm decorating myself.  Almost as good?  Perhaps.

But I ponder our tree from last year, our perfect little Charlie Brown tree, and I yearn to put out all of the effort.  My soul longs to have a perfectly decorated house, perfumed with the scents of Christmas tree and freshly baked cookies.

Yes... it was an ugly, scrawny tree.  But Ammon and I cut it down ourselves in the state forest last year as part of the forest fire prevention program.  That forest burned down completely over the summer in all of the fires.  This year, we'll have a too-perfect tree that we buy from a lot, and I feel very sad about that.  It was such an experience to tramp around in over a foot of snow, seeking out the ideal tree.

Perhaps on Thursday evening, after our carpets have been cleaned, and we are both done with finals, we will take a few hours to buy and decorate a tree.  Maybe I'll even muster the motivation to throw together a few cookies. 

Have you crossed off a lot of items on your "must do this Christmas" list?  Are you shaming me for not having put up a tree yet (I am, it's totally okay).


  1. hey be happy i dont even have a tree this year! lol my apartment is way to small and i am moving in januray so was no point of having one :)

  2. You are way above me, we have a tree-artificial- and nothing else. With the move we decided we would be working against ourselves. I love your little Charlie Brown tree:)

  3. Ahhh. All I want is a tree but the total *scrooges* that I live with are all "we're too busy to go get one." It's heart wrenching, really. My shopping is nearly done so at least there's that. But I'm totally with you - I'm not fully in the Christmas spirit yet either.

  4. When I was still in school, I was the BIGGEST Scrooge ever. I was always so stressed with the end of the semester that dealing with the holidays make me extremely anxious. So I don't blame you at all!

  5. Aw I think your tree is cute! My boyfriend and I have an artificial tree in our downstairs apartment and upstairs my folks got a real tree. It's kind of nuts!

  6. Couldn't you sneak out and cut one down somewhere? That would make for an awesome story!

  7. I'm so jealous you got to go cut down a tree last year! Sounds super fun :)
    Just enjoy the season and don't put pressure on yourself.

  8. There is nothing quite like tramping through several feet of snow and cutting down your tree. That's how I did it growing up!

    I hear you. It's really, really hard to be an adult and have Christmas cheer. They don't tell you this! I haven't baked or done nearly the crafty things I've wanted to do. Not even close. I'm holding out hope for this weekend!


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