Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thanks for 12 days, wise men

I'm not quite ready to let go of Christmas yet, even though I am very ready to let go of December, and 2012 for that matter.  I was always taught that Christmas was 12 days long... starting with Jesus' birth, and ending with the arrival of the wise men to bestow great gifts upon a Messiah.  In that spirit, I'm going to keep celebrating, because if it was good enough for the early Christians, it's good enough for me =).

We made out like bandits at Christmas this year.  My parents were very generous, and I feel so lucky to have a family that cares enough about Ammon that they would get him something extra special this year.  You all got to see the snowboard, but that isn't all we got this year.

A belgian waffle maker, and a soda stream!  Also not pictured:  a shopvac for Ammon, 2 button down shirts for Ammon, 2 sweaters for me, a new pair of slippers for me, and my parents gave me a Nexus 7 tablet!

We are obsessed with the soda stream.  I had read a lot of great reviews of these a while back, and had been dying to get one of our own.  I am so glad my parents gifted us with this, it isn't something we would have bought for ourselves initially, but we see the cost savings in the future, and are glad to have it based on that alone.  Some other day, I'll do a full review and recap.

Also, Ammon has been dying for us to have a waffle iron for months now.  It seems like he has a constant craving for waffles.  Being so close to our wedding, I wasn't sure whether to ask for this for Christmas, or just wait until we get married.  I know I made the correct decision in asking it for Christmas, because Ammon told me he had a dream that I was making him waffles for breakfast.

In other, non-gift related news, my friend Emily told me yesterday that Old Navy is having a sale on Pea Coats, and that they are only $20 each right now.  Yes, $20.  I almost jumped up and down, I'm so excited.  I like to buy basics at Old Navy, because their stuff is usually pretty timeless, and comes in a zillion different colors.  Oh, and it's cheap.  And they make the best cheap flip-flops in the world.  The end.

When I said the end right there, I didn't mean the end of the blog post.  Just the end of my opinion of Old Navy flip flops.  I am going to have to take a picture of my flip flops for you all some day.  It isn't as impressive as it used to be, but I'm told it's excessive for a 27 year old to have as many as I do, given that I live in a land-locked state that regularly sees snow as late in the year as May.  The 16 year old lifeguard in me can not give them up.  They are a part of my soul.

Why am I still talking about flip flops???


  1. Gahhh I'm dying for a waffle maker!!

    Dude, Old Navy's sale is no joke! I went on my lunch break a few days ago and snagged 5 sweaters for $50! And the peacoats are on sale for $20. It's amazing.

  2. Old Navy's sale is AMAZING right now! I went the other day and got 2 dresses, a sweater, top for NYE and earrings for like $25. sounds like you guys got great presents too!

  3. ON flipflops are awesome... Until you walk into Target on a rainy day and bust your ass.. Then, pride-less, ON flipflops aren't as awesome.

  4. Iz bought me a waffle iron last year and I LOVE it. Put cinnamon rolls in it, cinnamon roll waffles are AMAZING.

  5. We are having waffles and bacon for dinner tonight. Yea! And I love that Christmas is 12 days, but honestly I'm getting a little bored around here. I don't even go back to work until Wednesday,and there is only so much laundry one can do. Plus, I ate all the chocolate covered pretzels in my house....

  6. Come for Florida! We wear flip flops year round!

  7. Gah a Soda Stream! I want one so bad, can't wait to see your review! And I agree, Old Navy flip flops are the very best!


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