Sunday, December 30, 2012

Confessions... 'cause it's Sunday

Happy Sunday, lovies!  I adore Sundays.  It's the one day each week that I know I don't have to go to the office.  The one day a week I can usually guilt Ammon into being irresponsible (okay, it really isn't a tough sell, but still), because I need to spend time with him.  I get to eat good breakfast, because we have time for that.  And I get to link up with Alyx for confessions.  What could be better than all of those things?

1)  We are already soda stream addicts.  I mentioned it in yesterday's post, but I'm telling you about it again, because it really is that good.  My parents got us 2 extra carbonator bottles with our soda stream, and we are so glad that we can have them all on constant rotation. 

2)  COOKIES.  I am like the cookie monster.  I made chocolate toffee cookies last week, and I can't leave them alone.  They are so good.  And since I'm going back on a low carb diet starting January 2 (because I'll probably need the carbs for the upset tummy I'll have on January 1... don't judge), I'm having a very hard time denying myself said cookies.  And pizza.  And all other carby goodness.

3)  I love low-carb diets.  I know that people talk about how "bad" they are for you, but these are the same people who turn around and pump themselves full of refined sugars, and call it "healthy".  Yes, I love sugar, but I know it's not doing me any favors right now, so away it will go!

4)  I am so behind on talking about our Christmas party, but that's because I'm having a hard time getting the pictures sent from my work email to my personal email.  As soon as I get that worked out, I promise lots of pictures and stories.

5)  I am so jealous of the recent influx in pregnant bloggers.  Y'all are seriously killing me.  I told Ammon on Friday night that we needed to get knocked up, so that our baby could have blogger friends her own age (we're of course having a girl first ;-)).  Then he reminded me that I am making a very cute wedding dress that I wouldn't be able to pull off if I was pregnant, and that put me in a rather sulky mood.  So all of you pregnant mommy-to-be bloggers just need to know that your babies are still obligated to be friends with my baby, even though it might be almost a year younger.  Consider yourselves warned.

6)  We went to Old Navy, and we bought 11 items for $80.  3 were for Ammon, and 8 were for me.  I'm a very happy girl right about now, decked out in cheap-sweater glory.

7)  I am seriously considering doing a "petty holiday regrets" post.  Because I have several, and this year made it really clear how petty they are.  Nevertheless, I have them.

8)  Now that NYE is the last holiday of the season, I can put some effort into wedding crap.  There's a lot of it.  We STILL don't have a photographer nailed down, and that admission alone is enough to drive me to madness.  However, I am trying to practice optimism and believe that this is all going to be sorted out in its due time.

I think we will just go ahead and say "eight is great!" and I'll end this here today.  It's pretty long and rambly, but yeah... I had a lot to get off my chest.  Do you have anything worth confessing today?


  1. Holy smokes Kristen.... You look amazing. Was Ammon just like drooling all night? I wish I looked that hot!!! And I hate that you are eating cookies, because I'm not eating any. I ate the last of the chocolate covered pretzels yesterday and now I have nothing like that in the house. Straight back to ww for me...

  2. Kristen, you look GOOD!!! And you'll probably hate me when you get your Christmas package... Sorry.

    And holy balls. I swear, almost every blogger I know is preggers right now! Is it the next baby boom, or just the stage of life we're all in?!

  3. I so want to get one of those SodaStreams...

  4. Good luck on your low-carb diet! I'm a carb addict (thanks to running) so I don't know how I could ever go without them. Also those cookies look so delicious. You are seriously making me so hungry just looking at them.

  5. What a great looking couple!!! I can't wait to see your wedding dress!

  6. Look at you sexy lady! And I'm totally with you on the pregnant blogger thing... Just talked about it on Friday actually! = )

  7. 1. I am trying so hard not to drink soda. I'm usually really good at this because we just don't buy it, but since we had a party a few weeks ago, we still have leftovers in the house and OMG ROOTBEER. At least it's diet? If I had a Soda Stream, I'd be ruined.

    2. ME TOO. Cookies are my favorite. When I gained 30 pounds, it was due in part to my baking cookies every weekend. Luckily, I ate all of the holiday cookies in the house, so I'm good to go. :P

    3. I do my best to eat as few carbs as I can, but it is SO. HARD. But lately, when I'm cooking dinner, I purposely only cook meat and veggies and skip out on white rice or bread or pasta. My husband sometimes is annoyed by this.

    4. I do the same thing sometimes.

    5. Duuuuuuuuude. Along with pregnant bloggers, I know 6 pregnant chicks in real life. Fuuuuuuuu... when's it MY turn?!

    6. That is a fantastic deal and there's nothing I love more than a fantastic deal. I should go there. I need to stock up on sweaters.

    7. I'm betting I have some of these as well. Post 'em!

    8. Good luck with your planning! I both loved and hated planning my wedding.


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