Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Jams [2]

Happy Thursday!

It's that day of the week that I used to dread and still kind of do, but now that I'm filling our days with Happy Jams, how on Earth could it be bad?  Today I'm going for a theme within a theme, and the happy jams I picked today are all songs that were involved in our wedding/the formal parts of the reception.  You all may be getting sick of all of the wedding/lovey-dovey junk, but I'm not, and I have newlywed rights on this blog, so I'm taking them for as long as possible.  Especially since my photographer hasn't released the photos yet.  When that happens, I will probably just do a month-long purge of all things wedding, and we can move on once and for all.

But really, let's just get to the music, right?

The song our bridal party, family, and Ammon walked down the aisle to:

Marry Me by Train on Grooveshark

The song that my dad walked me down the aisle to:

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg on Grooveshark

The song we danced down the aisle to once we were officially hitched:

The song we entered our reception to:

Everything by Michael Bublé on Grooveshark

Our first dance:

You & Me / [unknown] by Dave Matthews Band on Grooveshark

Father-daughter dance:

Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder on Grooveshark

Mother-Son dance:

Simple Man by Shinedown on Grooveshark

There will inevitably be other posts that talk about the other songs played at the reception, and the songs we wished we'd played at the reception, but this is an awful lot of music for one post.  I love them all, and I hope you do too.  They don't spring to mind instantly when I think of "happy" music, but they do remind me of one of the best, most worthwhile days of my life so far.

Hope you all have a great Thursday, and that you jam out to some great music today!

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