Monday, August 26, 2013

Our weekend wins

I don't care what anyone else may think or say, our weekend wins.  Hands down.  Why?  Because Ammon and I picked up this pretty lady Friday night.

Her name is Geneva, and we are fostering her for the Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission.  This awesome rescue saves dogs from high kill shelters around the Nation and brings the to super-lab-friendly Colorado to find furr-ever families.  The rescue relies solely on foster homes to take in dogs until they are adopted.  Since Ammon and I are allowed to have 2 pets, but aren't quite ready for a full-time dog, fostering sounded absolutely perfect to us.  We have decided to make Geneva's time with us the best we can, so we spent the whole weekend doing dog-friendly shenanigans.

Saturday morning we went to a local dog-friendly brewery for beermosas.  We were also going to hit up the local corn roast festival a block down, but it was really, really crowded and hot, so we decided that it would be much better to come back in the late afternoon when it was quieter and less busy.

Geneva loved hanging out on the patio mooching love off of passerby.  I loved the $3 Beermosas.  All in all, Ammon had 2 happy girls on his hands.

After some lunch and a rest, we went back down to the corn roast festival with our friend Paul and Geneva.  We got to try out some moonshine, eat some corn, and show off Geneva.  She ate up the attention like no other.

After dropping the pretty lady off at home, the two-leggers went off to get dinner at my fave, Cafe Rio.  No pictures, because I just don't have the mental fortitude to take pictures of my Cafe Rio before I dig into it.

Yesterday we were pretty tired, so we were lazy for most of the day.  Geneva loved just lounging on the ground and coming around for some pets every now and then.

We finally got less lazy around 4pm and took her to the dog park.  As it happens, she isn't really into dog parks.  Balls, frisbees, and playing with other dogs are not her kinds of things.

She really loved getting some extra attention, though.  And believe me when I say that she really has an affinity for pupuccinos, though.

We really aren't sure how long she will be with us, since it depends in part on luck, but we are really enjoying this sweet lady for now! 

How was your weekend?


  1. How sweet! I love that you foster pups. It's kind of my dream, but I've found that a lot of places want you to be a no-dog home in case the new dog is feisty. *sigh*

    I hope you have her for a little while! Dogs are so great :)

  2. Geneva is beautiful!! How do you not fall in love and want to keep every single dog that you foster? That would be so hard to say goodbye! I definitely look up to you for saving these sweet dogs and helping them until they find a perfect home!
    Is that specifically doggy ice cream?!

  3. What perfect timing since today is National Dog Day! So sweet of you to be fostering!

  4. She's so charming! I'm glad you are getting a chance to 'try on' having a dog at home! Labs are great, and I love how different their personalities can be. We had friends that had a chocolate lab named Jenny and we used to call her the 'faux dog' because she didn't play or bark or anything. She was so laid back! When she passed they got a yellow lab named Wilson and he's sooooo energetic. Poor John {Wilson's owner} is overwhelmed by the differences between the two dogs and can't seem to understand why they are so different!

    But, at any rate, you win the award for best good deed of the week! And I'm glad you are making new friends! =)


    and she won't ever love a family as much as she loves you guys. you SPOILED her! haha what a fun weekend, you know I approve.

  6. I vote you keep the sweet puppy... I love her.
    Also I nominated you for the Liebster Award:

  7. She's beautiful and it's such a nice thing you're doing for her! I love me some puppy cuddles. What's a pupuccino?

  8. What a sweet girl, look at that face. :) Glad you guys are having a doggone good time with Geneva. ;)


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