Friday, August 2, 2013

Get it together, man

Oh. My. Gawl.  Friday, were the eff have you been, man?  I seriously thought you were with us DAYS ago.  I have been yearning for you like a dehydrated man in the Sahara yearns for an oasis.  You were like a mirage that I chased the whole entire week.


I don't know why, but I just feel like I can't quite get it together lately.  We have been so busy for so long, and now we're in this sort-of, kind-of quieter time, but I can't seem to get caught up.  There are so many things to do, and even though our personal life is quieter, I have taken on a lot more responsibility at work, and it's daunting.  It's exhausting.  I think about it, and I worry about it a lot.  It comes home with me through those thoughts and those worries.  And since we live on property, I never really feel like I can let myself leave "work" mode unless we go elsewhere.

It's really tricky though, because for the first time in a while, I am starting to be really excited by my job again.  I am learning new things.  I am growing again.  But I can't detatch when I need to.  Luckily, the next two weekend are giving me some awesome opportunities to take a step or two away.

This weekend I have to work a few hours on Saturday, then we're headed down to Denver for my childhood friend's wedding.  You might remember, we had our bridal showers 2 weeks apart.  We're doing the whole marriage thing 6 weeks apart.  Our birthdays are also 6 weeks apart, same year.  Summer birthdays, so we spent a lot of them together, the two of us.  It seems like for every milestone in life, the two of us have seen them happen in really close proximity to each other.  It wouldn't surprise me if we had our first babies around the same time, it's just the way we tend to roll.

She will have really good food and cake at her wedding.  I know this immediately, because she loves food and baked goods.  I'm really excited, and provided my legs are up to it, I'm going to do a 6 mile run before work, just so that I can enjoy the goodness.

Then next weekend, we are spending the entire thing up in Idaho Springs for my half marathon.  We were going to just go up Friday night, then come back Saturday after my race, but we decided that it would be worth it to stay an extra night and be really lazy in the hot springs.  I'm also calling this our unofficial honeymoon, our first vacation away as a married couple.  Hopefully it doesn't end up being our official honeymoon.

Oh, and when I talked to my mom the other day, she told me that they had forgotten to give me one of my Christmas presents in December, and that she had found it that morning and remembered.  So Christmas is making a second, surprise appearance in August.  I hope she wraps it up extra pretty since it was forgotten once already.  Not that it matters, since she admitted it was the Garmin running watch I've been requesting for nearly a year now!  She was confused when I asked for one for my birthday, since apparently she thought she'd given me one already.

Better late than never, mom.  And I guess I know where I get my stellar ability for ruining surprises from (hint:  it's you!).  Don't worry, I'll still act really surprised, and I'm super excited to give it a whirl, especially since my phone is on the down and out, and T-Mobile let me down this week.  She (the new watch of course) is about to see some serious action.

I'm going to leave you here so that I can finish my Diet Coke, brush my teeth and go to bed.  I like to go to bed early on Thursday nights so that Friday comes faster.  Have a wonderful day, and a great weekend!


  1. I'm just really quite impressed that you made that dress yourself... Pretty awesome. Christmas in August! Love it :)

  2. Dude. I'm going to start going to bed early on Thursdays. Best idea ever.

    You're gorgeous, and I love that dress. I wanna see your official wedding pictures! Your video held me over for a while, but I NEED MORE!!!


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