Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We should talk about it

Did you see it yet?  I wasn't ready to talk about the *NSYNC reunion yesterday, but I'm much closer to being ready now.  I think.  So let's talk about it.

First, if you didn't see the whole Justin Timberlake video vanguard performance, watch it here, care of Mr. Perez Hilton.  Smoochies and thanks for uploading it right away, Perez.

And now here are my points, in a numbered list format for your perusing pleasure.

1)  The lighting was TERRIBLE.  I could hardly see any of the guys.  I think this may have been done on purpose, which I will address in some of my follow-up points.

2)  It was too short, and WHY THE EFF was it in the middle of the entire thing???  Would have been so much better as a stand-alone, or at the beginning or end of the whole performance.  I would have loved it at the beginning, because then he could have time-lined his rise to fame.  And if he did that, he should have made a nod to his MMC days too.

MMC brought us all of the good hotties.  It should get more love and recognition.

3)  Our favorite hotties made yet another questionable wardrobe choice.  I mean...

Is it a tux?  Why with the stripes???  And the collars?  And why do Chris and Joey have coordinating facial hair?  Did they decide that twinning is just what they were put in the group to do?  So many things that I do not understand on any level.  And also, why Justin thinks that Fedora is cool, I will never, ever understand.  I consider all of this a valid reason why the lights were so low.

4)  The dancing was a little sloppy.  I understand that times are different now, and only JT gets a lot of time and practice in wowing a crowd.  But you would think these guys could probably still do the choreography to "Bye, Bye, Bye" in their sleep, backwards, underwater, on a boat, or in a moat.  You would think they could do it on a train, or in a plane.  Instead, Lance somehow ended up lunging across the stage madly after having missed the "stage right" cue.  And they weren't quite... in sync if you catch my drift.

5)  JC's face looks wrong.  Too pointy and angular at the bottom.  I was also annoyed that he tried to steal an extra moment for himself at the end of the tribute.  You had your chance, it didn't work out.  Sorry buddy, I don't love you any less, I just only love you for the feelings you inspired in me when I was 13-18.  Also, none of them are as trim and hottie-mc-tottie like as they once were.  I imagine this contributes to the lack of appropriate lighting.

6)  Nobody licked or humped the stage, Digital Get Down style.  Good or bad, it did not happen.  I welcome your opinions on if this was a benefit or detractor to this performance.

7)  The cutaway to the celebrities... I was frustrated that they chose Taylor Swift, she seems too young to fully appreciate *NSYNC.  They should have cut to Beyonce, or "Britney, b***h".  In fact, that would have been awesome.  I would kill to see Britney jamming out during a JT performance, given their "history" and all.  In addition, I felt that it was disrespectful that the One Direction kid was drinking beer.  *NSYNC are your elders, put the dang beer down when they're showing you how it's done.  Even with the questionable outfits and the sub-par dancing, they were still a million times better than you, and they didn't count on auto-tune for that shit.  Boom.

8)  I appreciated their use of the old school choreography (even when it wasn't perfect.  I'm just a ball of conflicted feelings and emotions today).  How could anybody not?  I mean... they even did the lean.  The lean that made all of us girls swoon just a little bit.  It is a far cry from the BSB "we're too old to dance, so we'll sit on stools" cop out.  They put in some good effort to do Wade Robson's original choreography justice.

9)  Why was it so short?  Less than 2 minutes of an almost 20 minute performance montage.  The only thing I can guess is that either Justin hates acknowledging where he came from, or my guys tire out quick these days.

10)  I feel like Girlfriend was a questionable song choice, and they should have done a classic.  Girlfriend was one of those songs that was okay, but not iconic, not in the way "God must have spent..." or "Tearing up My Heart" both were.  They had so many options.  Even Gone or Pop would have done more for me than Girlfriend.  However, I think they picked Bye Bye Bye for closure.  To tip their hats to the past, and walk boldly into the future.

I really wasn't kidding when I said I had thoughts on this.  What were some of yours???


  1. I thought it was good, but they could of def did better! I am a bsb fan but i did like nysnc. I just was kinda like blah about it, to short and they could of did a little more dancing or singing. Of course it was mostly JT lol... go figure!

  2. I love it! You are spot on with all of this. I was cracking up & waiting for Joey to split his pants. You'd think they would have prepared better. I still loved it. T Swift needs to go away.

  3. KRISTEN! This! This is everything... so many things to talk about.

    It was definitely too short ...everyone was making a big deal about their performance, when in reality, JT's back up dancers had a bigger role in the whole thing than the boys did.

    Overall, Justin was amazing, I cannot deny that. And the slow clap during Mirros? It gets me every.single.time.

  4. I can't believe the performed for what seemed like T W O seconds, lame! And I agree, poor song choice!
    I've been wondering if JT was super annoyed at JC for trying to steal more of the spot light :) ha ha!

  5. I thought it was a bit weird that it was so short. And I was really disappointed there was no "it's tearing up my heart" I mean, really? REALLY?

    Were they asked totally last minute? Just why? Why were they so sloppy? I just don't understand any of it.

  6. I love this and my mind was racing with some of the exact same thoughts. I'm kind of glad that it was short and not completely "up to par". I think the thing that we all love about NSYNC is how it takes us back to when we were 13-18 years old. I appreciate that they're not trying to continue doing things the same or trying to seriously reunite because some things are just meant to stay as sweet, precious memories (side eye Backstreet Boys).

  7. Oh my goodness. I absolutely agree. Hubs and I were watching it the other night and I think we both said most of these things at some point.

    The blurriness... there wasn't even really a close up for most of it, so I wasn't 100% convinced it was really the other members of NSync until the end.

    I really think it should have been at the end... but only if it was executed better. You're right, the guys looked kind of awkward and uncomfortable and it was just weird. And JC really really really ticked me off with that "baby baby baby" at the end. I mean, wtf? What does that even accomplish? It wasn't even really on-key. Just odd.

    Haha.. OK obviously I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I shall end my super long comment here. :)

  8. This is the best post I've read in a long, long time.

    I agree with everything you said. "Nsync are your elders" will make me giggle for the rest of the week. But really, RESPECT.

    I am so glad you noticed the dancing issues too. I was so sad. It's like they had learned the Bye Bye Bye choreography 5 minutes before the show. And you really could barely see them on stage. Maybe that was intentional...?

    Coordinating facial hair. Still giggling!


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