Friday, October 11, 2013

I have a sick twin

Guys.  Your comments on yesterday's post were awesome, and hilarious, and totally made my day.  You might not have meant for them to be funny, but it just made me so happy that everyone shared what kind of a sick person they are.  That rocks.  I love that Whitney is my sick twin, and that the rest of you have such varied routines when you're sick.

It's Friday, which is totally and utterly awesome.  Ammon and I have our first 5k together tomorrow.  I'm excited and nervous.  I really want to beat him across the finish line.  Does that make me a bad wife???  I work pretty hard at running and fitness, and it really irks me that he puts in half the effort and gets double the results that I do.  I'm aiming for under 34 minutes, as I've said before.  I'm hoping for an 11:15 mile 1, and 11:00 miles 2 and 3, with a sprint to the finish.  I believe it's possible:  in the 10k I did over the summer, I did better than that in the first half of the race.  However, with being sick recently, and my not-so-great energy levels of late, I am a little worried.  Whatever happens will happen, and I will be happy knowing that I did my best.

Then after the race, I plan on taking a nap (I do it after every race, it's my favorite treat to myself), and then eating as little as possible until dinner (which will be really, really hard), because we are going out to celebrate my dad's birthday!  His birthday was back in September, when we had all of the flooding, so we ended up doing a subdued celebration the day after, without my brother.  This will be his big celebration, now that he and my mom are back from vacation, and all 5 of us can actually be in the same place at the same time.  Too bad Gunner can't come with us.  That would have made it perfect.

Speaking of Gunner, that little turkey has the craziest poop shame ever.  When I take him for his morning walk, he will find either the darkest place or the highest grass to poop in, and then I have the honor of trying to figure out where in the world everything went and how to get at it.  I'm wondering if it's a game, or shame that he has going on.  I prefer to think it's shame... if he's intentionally trying to make my life that hard, then I'm a little grumpy about that.  For real.

And on that note (because where can we really go from poop?), I'll leave off here.  I hope that today is a fantastic kickstart to a lovely fall weekend for everyone!


  1. hey, running any 5K is better than some people will do. Always remember that :) You'll do awesome although doing that after being sick isn't the easiest! Just plug away and if nothing else, guilt him into letting you cross the line first :)


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