Thursday, February 27, 2014

Be More Awesome

I sincerely hope that by now, you have all seen Kid President, and that you all feel inspired to be more awesome.  But in the event that you don't believe in the power of YouTube, or you've chosen to live under a rock, please allow me to introduce you.

I am seriously considering watching this every single day for the rest of my life.  So much profound wisdom, all wrapped up in the most adorable of packages.  Because this is life, people.  It's not a game (except that it is).  And it isn't a cereal (except that it also is).

I love this notion of "Be More Awesome".  Maybe not the most grammatically correct sentiment ever, but it resonates in my heart the way that having "one little word" never has.  It lights me up, it gets me excited to go out and live life to the fullest.

So in honor of the "Be More Awesome" movement, I present to you 5 ways to make today more awesome:

1)  Pet a furry mammal, marsupial, or rodent.  Your choice, really, but generally it's a good idea if they happen to be a pet, and not an exotic animal.  Although, your life is pretty dang awesome if you're taking a picture with a Koala, or a baby Panda, or a Tiger.  So strike that, and let's stick with my first impression:  Pet some kind of furry animal.

2)  Buy someone a cupcake.  They are delicious.

3)  Give your favorite person a hug.  Don't let go, even if they tell you that you stink really bad from getting all sweaty while you were running.  They need your sweaty, stinky, loving reassurance.

4)  Go to bed 30 minutes early.  It's like having an extra special nap at the end of the day that nobody can judge you for.  Try it.

5)  Do yoga on your lunch break in your office, and then laugh at people when they walk in and you're in downward facing dog.  Because it's so awkward, it becomes totally awesome.  True story.

I hope that you all go out there and find a way to be more awesome today.  The world needs your awesomeness to shine through in a tremendous way!


  1. So maybe I missed this in blog posts past, but is Gunner YOUR dog now? Or are you still fostering? Just a thought that's been on my mind.

    ALSO-sending you a virtual sweaty hug because you're one of my favorite people.

  2. Love it! There was a dr. talking on the radio today and he said that you definitely live longer when you have a pet, because they make you happy! They also make you be more awesome :) Also, there's nothing better than going to bed earlier than expected and getting a lot of sleep.

  3. What I love about this be more awesome list is that it is a combination of being more awesome for you - and being more awesome for the people around you! I agree. Be More Awesome is a great mantra :) Also doing down dog in the office. Love it. I do shoulder stretches when I walk to the bathroom. people think I'm weird, but I'm ok with it. I also said "good morning" to someone at 4:45 PM...Actually what I'm saying is Be More Awksome (awkward and awesome, clearly).


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