Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaving the bad in 2011

Yesterday, my water aerobics instructor Amy said the most profound thing to me.  I mentioned that my mom had to undergo surgery to remove a lump in her breast that she found just before Thanksgiving.  We have had a distracted, stressful holiday season because of it.  I kept telling my mom that this was a good thing to have this lump removed, because it brings her one day closer to remission and being cured.  She agreed with that, but was still stressed (understandably).  There is nothing about breast cancer that suggests that you shouldn't worry about it.

When I mentioned my mom's impending procedure to Amy, she simply said "That's great!  No lumps in 2012!  Leave all that behind in 2011!"  It helped me to smile about something that has been really hard on my whole family.  So I challenge you today, to think about what lump you will rid yourself of in 2011 and not carry into 2012.  My mom is ditching breast cancer.  I am going to ditch suppressing my emotions.  What is it that is hanging around that you are ready to be done with once and for all?  What are you ready to not carry into the next year?  I can't wait to hear from you what you wanna ditch, so if you would be so brave, leave a comment below, so that I know how I can better encourage you!

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  1. I have the tendency to not go out and do things with people, even when they ask me, just because I'm lazy or tired. I know that I need to take care of myself, but there are times that I really should make more of an effort to go out and be with my friends and meet new people. I want to ditch that lazy, isolated attitude for 2012 :)


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