Monday, June 2, 2014


I rarely listen to music when I run.  For whatever reason, I actually run slower when I use music.  Go figure.  However, when a run just sounds like the worst possible thing that I could ever want to do, in the earphones go, and on goes I Heart Radio's 50 minute workout station.  Why they call it that, I have no idea, but I totally dig it.  The best part of this station is that it's a really good range of music, and it keeps me moving at a good clip for about a 5k, which is all that I can talk myself into running when I'm to the point of needing to use music during a run.

Remarkably, however, "Roar" almost always comes up when I'm running.  And regardless of how my run feels, or how fast or slow I am slogging along, this song gets me moving.  It seems to be an anthem for me lately in regards to running.  I am, at best, an incredibly mediocre runner.  I have zero notions that I will ever be anything else.  When this song comes on though, or when it pops into my head, it reminds me to be the most awesome mediocre runner I can be.

I may never, ever run an 8:00 min mile.  It doesn't matter if I do.  All that matters to me when it comes to running is trying my best, working consistently, and remembering to try and enjoy the process.  To me, that is taking control of my fitness power.  That is what it means to Roar as a runner.

Also, this song came on during a run this week, and it was magical.

I could really go for some cake right now, I don't know about you.

What is your fitness Roar?

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