Monday, June 9, 2014

A post where I talk about 5 big new items

The idea when I pulled up blogger to write a post was that I would write about several random, unrelated topics.  I then realized that there was an obvious theme to this post, all centering around some big news I haven't gotten around to sharing with you yet.  And be ready, because this is big news.  Like, bigger than coming home from a successful 10 mile run, and having to share with everyone that you are going to crush a race, big news.  I'm keeping the list format, because I like lists.  The accountant in me really loves everything about them.

1)  We still don't have word on funding for Ammon's job just yet, but we remain fairly optimistic that the company will be re-funded, and he will continue to receive paychecks.  The President and VP of R&D have been off working their mojo to get some private-sector funding while we wait on pins and needles to see if they are receiving additional grant funding.  It's pretty much one of the most stressful moments of our lives, because...

2)  We rented a house!  Yup, Gunner, Beckham, Ammon and I are moving into a house on August 1st.  This is obviously a massive change for us.  The price is substantially more than what we pay in rent currently, and we will also have to pay utilities, which have been included in our rent for the last 3.5 years.  Regardless of these things, we are really looking forward to our new abode.  I am posting ONE picture from the realtor's website... but know that the house has been repainted, and obviously there will be many more pictures to come once we start the moving in process.  Gunner can't wait to sniff around in his fully fenced dog run, and the fully fenced back yard!

Oh yeah, Ammon is pretty thrilled about the attached garage, too :).

3)  We started packing/shifting things around in anticipation of the move.  And by started, I mean just barely, and most people would say not really.  We did clean out two smaller storage closets yesterday, and started making decisions about what will be going to the new house, and what won't be.  Everything is kind of sitting around in our apartment waiting to be sorted... and as a result, we totally look like hoarders.

There's also a rocking chair in our dining room, and a huge stack of cardboard boxes in our office.  We have been collecting boxes for a while in anticipation of being able to move at some point, and they were filling nearly half of one of our storage closets!  Thankfully, though, it means one less item on the logistics list.  My goal is to have the majority of the non-essential items packed up and staged in our garage in Fort Collins (that we rented to house stuff for the wedding, and then never got rid of) by the 4th of July so that we can have a leg up on the actual move.

4)  Our freezers are absolutely full to the brim, and it's freaking me out.  I refuse to try and move all of those frozen goods!  So operation eat what we have on hand is commencing.  Not only will we have less to move, but we're going to be saving some money too!  I usually stock up on things at Sam's club, which has filled our freezers to the top, which is a great thing for everyday...  If we're short on time, I can almost always throw together dinner quickly.  We're going to have to get creative with meals for the next few weeks, but I feel very confident we can eat our way through this situation, and live to tell the tale.

5)  One thing I immediately started thinking about once we signed the lease was where I would run!  We've had 3.5 years to find good, safe places for me to run, and we will be uprooting in the middle of marathon training, with a 20 mile run ahead of me.  Luckily, we are going to be moving up to Fort Collins, which has an incredible bike/running path system.  As long as I can find a place nearby to get on the trail, I can go for miles and miles on it!  I already utilize a few of the Fort Collins trails in my lunchtime runs, so this shouldn't be impossible... it's just going to take a little more planning.

So essentially, everything in our lives is changing right now in big, wonderful ways.  We love it all, and feel so fortunate that this is where life is taking us right now.  We are definitely nervous though... it is a new beginning, and those always bring a little uncertainty.  We can't wait to bring you with us on this journey!

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