Thursday, May 29, 2014

8 reason's I've heard lately

At a certain point in time, suddenly we started fielding a lot of baby comments in our household, including reasons why we should make one or two (or even three) with all due haste.  Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of baby-talks ourselves, and about when the right vs wrong time for us to get on the baby-making boat is.  However, the reasons that we get from people outside of our relationship are pretty colorful and interesting in many cases, and I think you might just agree.  In no particular order, I would like to share with you 8 of the reasons I've been given since we've been married for why Ammon and I should take this life-changing step.

1)  Because we need to provide Ammon's Dad with more grandchildren.  3 is not enough

3 perfect little kiddos, yes???

2)  Obviously, we would make adorable babies (you can just see that above picture if you don't believe it)

3)  That's just "what you do" at this stage of life
4)  So that my kid can play with other people's kids
5)  So that other people's kids can babysit my kids
6)  So that Gunner has a "friend"... that guy has an obsession with babies (not joking even a tiny bit)
His depression is deep
7)  I need to "better understand" the troubles that plague my friends who have children.  I am entirely incapable of understanding the problems parents face all of the time.  **Disclaimer:  I might not understand those problems.  I don't presume to.  However, I can still be empathetic, and you can still try to explain your struggles.  I will listen.**
8)  Because my waist is so tiny right now that seeing me get big with pregnancy would make other people feel better about themselves.

I started to write a horribly angry rant about why that last one bugs me, but it felt like a real downer.  So you know what?  We're just going to leave it where it is right now.  Yeah.  That feels better.  Hope you got a laugh from those reasons, and have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I've heard all these reasons and more (and worse ones!). People need to mind their own business - your future children are YOUR business. Stick to your guns, girl!

  2. Bah. Just have babies when the time is right for you. I miss you! Hope your training for your marathon is going well!

  3. Yup. Babies everywhere and the questions don't stop. I am not even married yet and parents from both sides ask about it all the time.

  4. Ugh, I hate the baby questions so much. Fortunately for me a. my parents know we don't want to have kids b. with IC doing his PhD we're not really in any position financially to be having children at this moment. But I know the onslaught of baby questions will be happening...and soon.


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