Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh what a week...

Let's pretend that this is the 1950's right now, okay?  So when I say, "Oh golly gee, that last week of moving sure was tough!!!"  You can translate that right over into whatever strong language you so choose.

I feel ya, buddy, I really do.

So, in theory, we're all moved in.  Theoretically.  There are boxes everywhere, dog and cat fur is permeating all the things, and I barely have enough clean outfits unpacked to last through the weekend.  But really, I could care less.  The thought of unpacking is so unpleasant right now that I just can't even contemplate it, let alone tackle it.  I need another day or two.  And maybe a few more bottles of wine.

Oh, and a fun thing?  I'm running a half marathon tomorrow.  Yup.  A week after moving.  I am out of my mind.  But really, I am.

I registered for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half way back in February.  It was meant to be a redemption from last year.  I initially decided to pull out due to financial reasons, but literally 2 days ago decided that I would suck it up and do it.  I have a 14 mile run scheduled for that day anyway, so ot just makes sense to do it on a safe, sanctioned course that I have already paid to run on.  The 2 hour drive each way is kind of going to suck, though, since we didn't reserve a hotel this year...  Again, I am no longer sane.  I must have breathed in something toxic during moving or something.

How is your Friday going?  Big plans for the weekend?

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