Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Got it from Influenster

It's Monday night at 9:35pm, so basically already past my bedtime.  I apologize in advance for what might happen here as a result.  Consider yourselves warned.

I got a VoxBox from Influenster in the mail.  It's always just like Christmas when that happens around here.  This one was the UniBox.  Since I am [once again] a college student, I wanted to take full advantage of the fact, despite being closer to 30 than I am to 21.  I've gotta say, I have mixed feelings as far as first impressions go...  however, I think that's to be expected when you send a box curated for a 21 year old to an almost 30 year old.  But let's look at the goodies a little bit really quickly.  I would love to hear if you've tried any of these things in your own life!

So far, I'm stoked about the foundation, the lipstick, and the pen.  I already use the unscented version of these tampons, so I can already tell you that I dig them.  And I'm disappointed about the nails.  Maybe if they weren't so... bold.  But truthfully, I can't stand wearing fake nails, so the greatness of this product may be somewhat wasted on me.

Real talk, I LOVE bright pink lipstick.  Truly.  This is so up my alley it isn't even funny.  Back in the day when I sold my soul debt free existence to Mary Kay, I learned a lot about makeup, and how to rock some really fun looks.  I think Ammon and I are going to be having a date night soon so that I can give this a test drive.

I'm most curious about the tea drop thingies.  I've used Mio a little bit in the past, and I'm assuming that it's the same type of concept.  Generally I drink lots and lots of straight up tap water, so getting 64 oz in each day is no problem.  But this might be a great option for those days when I can't stand thinking about one more drop of plain water.  It happens every now and then.

Anyway, that is all that I can engage my mind with right now, as there are puppies howling outside my living room window right now.  Joys of apartment living, people.  Oh the joys.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yup I got the bright pink 80s lipstick and matching nails...totally geared towards the youngens, but maybe Miah and I can play dress up with those two? lol I too am thrilled about the foundation, tea, and tampons! We're such old farts! BAHAHAHAHA

  2. That lipstick looks awesome :)
    I'm obsessed with iced tea right now. I brew it each weekend to last me the week! I've never tried it as a water enhancer though...

  3. Hmm... this box seemed nice! The lipstick seems cool. What brand is it? Also, I have been wanting to try that foundation!

    Xo Lourdes

  4. I love those tampons - they're my favorite. Anyway. The nails are kinda dumb, but the rest of the box looks awesome!


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