Tuesday, April 8, 2014

7 things bringing me joy right now

It's truly the little things in life that make me want to jump for joy.  You know, like running PR's, the ideal parking spot at the store being available... those little intangibles bring me so much joy in life that it isn't even funny.  There are a few things that I know right now are going to, or have already made my life awesome.  I'm sharing them in list form today, because I'm lazy, and I like lists.

1)  My work is offering lunchtime yoga on Tuesdays now.  For free.  I'm so happy about this, you have no clue.

2)  I wore makeup yesterday.  I was hoping to review the foundation that Influenster sent to me, but it's the wrong shade :(.  Never fear though, once I have procured the right shade of peach for my cheeks, I'll be all over that.  But since I never ever wear makeup, I took a picture as proof.

3)  I don't wanna jump the gun, but I DID try the pen that those nice Influenster folks sent, and that right there might be a new long-term relationship.  If (and only if) I can find it in blue ink.  This one is a black ink, which makes my lease-loving heart cry.

Handy tip, you will almost never see companies that do legal-type thingies using black pens, because it's too difficult to tell the difference between originals and photocopies.  Blue ink all the way!  Oh, and I do still use a paper calendar at work.  It's handy and awesome, and I totally adore it.

4) I called my mom after work, because it had been almost a week since I'd last talked to her.  She started telling me about how in her exercise class the instructor does a yoga segment once a week, and how all of the ladies like to remind each other to "engage their amoula bahndas".  I'm sure I just butchered the Sanskrit there, but for those of you not in the yoga know, these ladies giggle over reminding each other to engage their kegels.  I straight up snorted I was laughing so hard about the thought of my mother and all of her cancer-survivng friends using the "pretty term" for reminding each other of their pelvic floors.

5) Ammon's installing a new towel bar in our bathroom right now, since our old one ripped out of the wall over the weekend.  As it turns out, our old one was only into a stud on one side, instead of on both.  Fun.

6) My Julep Maven box arrived.  It has the most perfect hot pink and tangerine nail polishes, plus a really pretty, subtle peach colored blush, which I'm actually sporting in the above picture.  I'm thinking that I prefer Julep's makeup to their nail polishes, as every single makeup item they've sent me has been craze-amaze.

7) It hasn't snowed for at least 3 days.  Winning.

Uhhhhhhh.... I really wanted to try to think of 10, but considering I decided to write this after no longer feeling capable of doing my linear regressions homework for Cost Accounting, I should have known better.  7 is good.  It's a lucky number, and it's a prime number, so I'll go with it.

What little intangibles make your week totally awesome?


  1. Love this list. It makes me so happy that things are looking up for you!!

  2. I would have laughed pretty hard to hear my Mom saying those things too!!

    I also prefer blue pens, but it has nothing to do with legal type things. I just like blue better. :)


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