Friday, March 21, 2014

I just don't see the value

There are things in life that just plain suck.  Things that you would not wish on your greatest enemies.  Dumb, stupid, gross things that I see no point in their mere existence.  Don't worry, I have examples for you if you are drawing a blank on what those things might be.  Be ready to have your mind blown by this list.

1) Tartar/Plaque.  Really, any sort of icky mouth germs.  They just are disgusting.
2) Ticks
3) Blue Cheese.  Seriously, that stuff is nasty.

If any of you can find valid reasons for the continued existence of any of these things, well, good for you.  I still will not come around.  And truthfully, as silly as it may be to talk about moldy cheese, blood suckers, and mouth germs in the same vein of thought I am going somewhere with this.  Despite my severe distaste for these three things, there is one thing that truly outshines all of the above.  Like, I would rather have out of control plaque while eating blue cheese and being attacked by ticks before this one thing happened to me, or anyone I loved.

We're talking about cancer.  Again.  I wish we could stop talking about this crap.  Some of you may remember that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.  It was awful, and that was despite being blessed with the fact that she had a very treatable case.  She handled it like an utter champion, and it still totally sucked.  My grandmother had lymphoma, and right this very moment, I have an Uncle who is enduring proton radiation treatments for thoracic cancer.

So maybe you can all see why cancer gets me a little bit grumpy.

And the truth is, blogger community, cancer has reared its head and struck again, in our own little community.  Annabelle recently found out that she has Hodgkins Lymphoma.  And when Jen emailed me about it last week, I was more than happy to help her bring our community together in support of this beautiful woman.  I haven't ever had any interactions with Annabelle before, nor had I had the honor of finding her slice of the blog world before last week.  But my heart, and my hope, and my thoughts are with her as she goes to war against Cancer.  Because when Cancer invades your body, it declares war on you, whether you know it or not.

Annabelle, if you are reading this - I believe in your ability to overcome this.  I believe that you can find the strength, the courage, and the fortitude to endure Dr's appointments, treatments, and long nights while you wait for answers and test results.  I believe that your family will also survive this time, and that all of you will be made closer for this trial.  You can do amazing, incredible things, and beating cancer is just one of them (though definitely towards the top of the list).  And when it's all done and you are declared a Cancer-free zone, you'll be like a Superhero who has beaten the biggest Villain of them all.  Good luck, girl.

So maybe, if you all have some time today, it might be awesome if you could go say hello and send her some love today.  We are the best community of women and men that the world has ever, or will ever see.  Let's prove it to ourselves, and to everyone else out there.  I'm turning off comments so that you have to go visit Annabelle.  I'm sneaky that way.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.