Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How I chow

As a person who has a moderate obsession with health and wellness, I find myself often thinking about the way that I eat, versus the way that other people eat.  I wonder if they like to eat the same foods that I do, how many calories they consume, what their preferred carb to fat to protein ratio is... the list goes on and on.  Needless to say, if I see a blog post that chronicles what someone eats in the average day, I'm all over it.  However, I rarely tackle these posts myself, which I think is a shame.  Everyone eats, including me, so why can't I share too?  So I got it in my head yesterday to share my noms with you.  I tried to take pictures at every meal, but I had to fake one after work, because I forgot to take a picture before I ate.  Whoops.  Anyhow, here is my day in in food.

6:45am:  Coffee.  I use coffee creamer, particularly the caramels collection from International Delight.  Full of junk, yes.  I don't care.  Coffee is necessary to my life and continued well-being.

8:15 am:  I eat breakfast when I get to work.  I usually have the same thing every day, egg beater frittata made with spinach, salsa, and a sprinkle of cheese, and some baked oatmeal.  Usually I do a banana-nut oatmeal, but this week I'm going wild and doing cherry almond.

12:15pm:  I scarfed down some white chicken chili with greek yogurt and a little shredded cheese before my 1:00 staff meeting.  I was in a rush, becauseI had to travel to one of our other offices for the meeting, so this isn't the actual chili... I forgot to take a picture.  But imagine this, topped with plain greek yogurt and a sprinkle of cheese, and you're in the right place.

2:30 - 4:00pm:  I noshed on the veggies and hummus that were supposed to be part of my lunch, but that I ran out of time to eat at lunch.  Yes, I really ate all of that.

7:30pm:  Dinnertime!  It was chili with sour cream and cheese.  Yes, I realize that seems pretty dang similar to my lunch... but they were pretty different in terms of ingredients and flavors.

8:45pm:  I'm too far below my calorie allotment for the day, and I'm feeling a little light-headed.  Time for something that can pack in some extra calories quickly and easily, but isn't total crap, either.  This does it for me every stinking time.

So that is a day in the life of my foods.  It all totaled out to about 1,650 calories.  My goal each day is 1,800.  This girl is not all about starving herself!  I cringe when I hear people talk about 1,200 calorie diets... Mostly because I would fall over on the side of the road during a long run or something.  Not shown is the 14 glasses of water I also consumed.  My co-workers think my constant trips to the bathroom are hilarious.

What do you eat every day?


  1. Yeah, I don't do well limiting my calorie intake. That being said... your typical day is a lot healthier than mine. HA! I have a problem when it comes to preparing healthy meals to eat throughout the day, and I usually end up snacking on things that are less than ideal. And sometimes I miss breakfast.

  2. Good for you! I have no idea about my caloric intake. I usually eat a special K breakfast bar for breakfast. I'll get a sandwich from the Deli for Lunch, usually it has mozzarella, onions, cucumbers and peppers. SO DELICIOUS! Then for dinner, I'll just find anything. Which can be pizza, frozen entrée or if I'm feeling ambitious I may make chicken.

  3. I'm with you, I'd DIE on 1,200 calories a day!! I also aim for 1,800 a day plus all or most of the calories I burn on a run. This half marathon and 25K training has turned me into a very HUNGRY person! I can't imagine NOT eating back some of my workout calories.

    I'm also very curious as to what other people eat, and their carb/protein/fat ratios. I use My Fitness Pal and have my daily percentage goals set to a 50/25/25 ratio. I tend to go over my carbs, mostly on long run days, and I'm OK with it. LOL


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