Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just a few random things

Some things I have been thinking about lately...
1) That saying about not making Mountains out of Molehills.  I feel like the distinction between the two is highly subjective and personal to everyone, so why do people tell you to not make things a big deal if you know that to you, whatever is happening is a big deal?  Then again, sometimes speedbumps appear to be insurmountable to me, so maybe I just see the world as one big ole mountain range of big deals.

2) One of the girls at work brought in an obscene amount of baked goods yesterday.  She got the scoop that on Saturdays, Whole Foods gives away all of the baked goods that they can no longer sell, and she went a little wild.  I should have taken a picture of it, but just know there were nearly  dozen loaves of banana walnut bread, a half dozen loaves of pound cake, muffins, cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, scones, brownies, and an apple pie.  It just sat on the counter tempting me all day long, as my office is right next to the kitchenette.  But I did not have one. single. bite.  Victory is mine!

3) Speaking of that non-scale victory, it lead to an on-scale victory, as I've already lost 2.8 pounds since yesterday.  It's totally water weight coming off, and that's fine.  The water and puffiness needed to go, and it always goes so much faster when I'm not eating junky foods.

4) I made an awesome chicken enchilada bake last night, and it was even healthy!  Instead of wrapping my enchiladas, I put a single layer of tortillas on the base of the casserole, and then another layer over the top of the chicken.  That way I can put more protein in the middle and make them more substantial.  It was soooooooooooooooo good.

5) I'm not back to running yet after the half marathon.  I had hoped to run last night after work, but I got out of work late, and still had to walk the dog and cook dinner.  Maybe depending on how work goes today, I'll try to get in a couple of slow miles tonight.

6) My car needs new tires, but we want to replace my car this spring after we get our taxes.  I had a dream last night that we went to the dealership to buy my new car.  It feels weird to buy new tires for a car I only want to drive for 3-4 more months.

7) I really need to get some packages out the door, as well as our thank-you notes from the wedding.  We are so behind on all of that.  I even took the stack to Texas so we could work on them, but we didn't.  Thank goodness etiquette says you have a year to get those bad boys out the door.

Aaaaaaaand that's all I have today.  Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. When I layer tortillas like that instead of rolling it, I call it Enchilasagne...

  2. ^^^best comment ever!

    Also... i am proud of your not eating any of the baked goods.


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