Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

Today it's back to the real world for Ammon and I.  We had a great several days off work and away from real life, but I am glad that we are back and resuming our normal routine.  I enjoy going to work and being busy, 2 things I certainly didn't do much of while we were on vacation.

I'm also kind of glad to be leaving vacation food behind.  While delicious, I ate all the things, and it is showing big time right now.  I mentioned before that I'm starting a 10 day cleanse today, and I'm pretty happy about the timing of it.  This cleanse is primarily supplement based, and just requires that you limit the junk in your diet and eat a mostly clean diet for 10 days.  Easy enough.  At least, it seems that way now.  Maybe I'll be singing a different tune by day 3.

I debated for a bit, and ended up taking some before pictures.  I mean, why not?  They help me feel like I need to stay accountable.  I know for a fact I will look very different in my after pictures... not eating all of the things will help a lot, but also, totally started "that time of the month" yesterday right before we took these photos.  So yeah...  not so hot right now.

Ooof, that's a whole lot of retained water.  Yikes.  So anywho, that's what is happening for me today as I try to get rid of the consequences of my delicious vacation choices.  How did the holiday go for you?  What dish can you not stop with?  For me this year it was this heavenly chili cheese dip my brother-in-law made as an appetizer.  So good.


  1. Wooho! Cleanse day is here! Great before pics - they look like most people's after pics because you're already in great shape! You may also want to take some measurements to help you see the results too. Hope the fiber drink went down smoothly :)


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