Friday, August 21, 2015

I will always choose him

I was thinking today about how much I love my husband.  How knowing that I get to see him at the end of the workday, and that I get to wake up next to him each morning fills me with so much joy.  How even though he's a picky eater, he tries really hard to ensure that I get to eat food that I really like.  How he gets so excited about things that he has to explain to you every single last detail of whatever it is he's so stoked about.  How he lets me give him the stupidest nicknames in the world.  Presently, it's Moopus.  Don't ask me why, but that's what it's been for a while now, and it works.

That's a headband that he made all by himself, because he's so crafty and into up-cycling.  If you can't tell, it's the bottom of a pant leg from a pair of sweatpants.

If we're telling the truth, I don't think I come anywhere near deserving this man of mine.  But I try every day.  He's the one I chose over another boy when we first started dating.  I chose to let him move in with me.  I chose to marry him.

Oh heyyyyy wedding photo.  I know you all are shocked that there are yet wedding photos you haven't seen.  Don't worry, lots more where this one is coming from (my computer).

And now I'm choosing, willingly I might add, to move across the country with him, and build a new life together.  New friends, different family close by, new experiences, same us.  Because I can't imagine that there will ever come a day when I won't choose him.  Even when choosing him feels so hard, the thought of not choosing him never crosses my mind.

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