Friday, November 11, 2016

Becoming "that" blogger

You know that blogger who used to blog all the time, and then life got boring, so they stopped.  And then!  Out of nowhere that same once boring blogger starts blogging again because BAM they're pregnant?


I pulled the ultimate blogger stunt and convinced my husband to take an ultimate blogger picture with me, with my favorite blog-friend turned real life friend behind the lens.  All so that if I decided to suddenly be a preggo/mommy blogger, I was prepared.

Side note - getting a pregnant woman onto a tree branch 6+ feet in the air isn't super hard, but getting her back down is.  That was probably unwise.

I guess now is where I tell you all how blessed we feel and how overjoyed we are.  Yes, all of that.  Mostly Ammon really, because he's the wonderful, caring, and romantic one in this relationship.  I'm over here just feeling fat, nauseous, and exhausted, and asking the OBGYN every time we go in if it's actually a real baby in there.  Suffice it to say that while I'm thrilled by the idea that we will have a kid in the near future, it really hasn't hit me with quite the same force that morning sickness and general malaise have.
But thank goodness for this guy, who has totally stepped it up lately.  He's remodeling our half bathroom for me, doesn't let me carry groceries, and insists on indulging my food whims and wants.  It's a little embarrassing how much I've let him spoil me.  He's even suffered through the dreaded pregnancy hanger which is infinitely worse than regular hanger.  I had no idea.

That's a great book idea, in fact:  "Pregnancy... I had no idea".  It could literally fill volumes.

Oh, and if you're wondering, we're due May 23rd.


  1. I am SO EXCITED for you! Remember all those times we talked about our future lives as moms? IT'S HERE.

    1. I've been living vicariously through Michelle's tales, and now I get to indulge in yours! I'm so excited! Letting you guys pave the way of motherhood makes it a lot easier for me to feel like maybe one day I could do it too.


  2. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you both! And May eek.


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