Monday, September 29, 2014

A 20 mile run by the numbers

Well, it happened.  I had my 20 mile run, and I finished it.  It was hard.  Brutally so.  As I sit here writing this up on Sunday night, my body is still aching and moaning at me.  But I did it.  The last "big" run before the marathon.  In 3 weeks, I will be a marathoner.  Eek.  For those of you who like the numbers, I thought I would share some interesting figures with you from my Saturday long run.

39,030 - the number of steps my Garmin Vivo fit recorded over my run
76 - the number of ounces of fluid I consumed
49 - the number of times I reminded Ammon that I had just run 20 miles on Saturday (approx)
20.04 - my actual total mileage
12:25 - my average pace (in min/mile)
10 - the number of minutes that I took as a break in the middle of my run (I did 2 different routes, and stopped at home for more water and food in between)
5:35am - the time that I left the house Saturday morning
5 - number of snacks consumed during my run
4:08 - my total running time (hr:min)
3 - total number of selfies taken
#1 at 5:30 am - first time running with a headlamp!

#2 - 11 miles in, still smiling!

#3 ... and I'm spent
2 - number of bathroom stops
1 - pair of Hanes box briefs seen on the side of the road

Do you have any fun stats from your weekend?

Ever seen anything ridiculous on the side of the road?


  1. 20 miles, holy moly! Go girl! :) PS, where do you keep your snacks when you run? You totally have a fanny pack, don't you? ;) hehe jk

  2. you are my inspiration. if I ever get to marathon status we should plan to do one together. because that would be an awesome way to meet. you would get to see the worst side of me right off the bat and decide if it's worth it having me in your life. haha

  3. TWENTY MILES?!?! You are amazing! I'm so proud of you. A little jealous. A lot impressed.


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