Friday, July 11, 2014

A testing ground

This week has been long.  Exhausting.  Full of doubts, worry, and stress.  Today is my last day in my office before I move over to the main office and essentially "start over" with all of those little things that go into office dynamics.  Finding my office family.  Learning where the office supplies are, and who orders things like adding machines (apparently the stapler and adding machine in my new office don't exactly work).  It's terrifying for someone who values comfort and stability like me.

It's made staying on course with my workouts and eating challenging.  Our food is already off because we're eating what's in our freezer and pantry instead of following a meal plan, and then I'm having constant cravings for sugar and chocolate right now.  It's pretty rough.  My runs are feeling hard, too, even though they are significantly slower than normal.  I get that these are all normal, predictable responses to taking a week off of training, eating not so awesomely, and being under a lot of stress, but it is still impacting me to be performing below my potential.

None of this needs to define me today.  It doesn't need to be the factor that determines the outcomes
in my life.  This pressure, this stress, it doesn't ruin and undo the work that I have put in.  It can't take away gorgeous views from therapy sessions on the trail after work.

The only thing being defined right now is the strength of my will to succeed at work, at home, and in all of my endeavors.  This is a testing ground, and I just have to keep on plugging along.  


  1. Just do it! Those three little words have so much can do hard things. Love you friend!

  2. Girl, this cravings!!! I hear you. I've been dying this past week craving everything wrong.


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