Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We eat all of the things

Yesterday, we discovered the secrets to eating whatever you want while you're on vacation.  We went to Austin and had an amazing time discovering a tiny slice of the city, and eating all of the things without guilt.  Because I'm a loudmouth, and can't keep not important secrets, so I figure that if I'm going to blab, I will blab to all of you.

1)  Walk all of the places.  This is my most key secret.  We parked free over a mile from the TX capital, and then walked around for a few hours.  We did move our car again when it was time for dinner, but we walked from there, too, and had a 10 minute walk to and from dinner.  By getting so much activity, we never worried that we were just sitting around getting fat.

We parked so far away that we had to cross the Colorado river to get to/from the Capital.  It was beautiful.

2)  Take breaks between eating.  We ate all of the things we wanted yesterday, no guilt or shame.  However, we try to do something moving around/active in between each nosh sesh.  It hollows out the leg, if you look at it that way.  For instance, we got red licorice at Cabela's on our way to Austin, had Mexican food once we got there, bought cupcakes for the road, had delicious Texas craft beer, and then had barbecue for dinner.  Our technique of walking everywhere helped, but we also goofed off in a costume shop, toured the State Capital building, and looked at a really cool Cathedral, too.  Thinking about things other than food really helped take my mind off of what and ow much we were eating.

Don't mess with the Cheeseburger bandito.

3) Make up for it the next day.  We're on vacation, so we don't mind going overboard.  But today, I am certainly taking it a little easier on my tummy, in eager anticipation for the main event tomorrow.  Breakfast was an apple with peanut butter, my favorite weekend breakfast.  Similarly, when we get back from Texas, I'll be doing the Advocare 10 day cleanse with Caitlin and Sami.  Want to join us?  Hit Caitlin up, she's an Advocare distributor, and she will take VERY good care of you.  I probably asked her a billion questions last night when I was ordering mine.
4) And most importantly, don't beat yourself up. It's VACATION!  Enjoy it, live it up, and leave no food on the table.  Just get back on track after vacation.  If you make yourself feel guilty, you will get down, and it will be harder to get back on the wagon after you get home.  
   Come on, you know you want to eat this.
Do you let yourself go nuts on vacation, or do you play it safe?
What do you do to balance out delicious vacation choices?


  1. I probably eat less on vacation (well unless I'm going home to the US) because I don't have my normal food stuffs and as a gluten free/vego I find it hard to get food sometimes.

  2. My hubby is baaaad on vacation! haha.. These are good tips though!

  3. So glad you had a great time in Austin! It's my favorite city in Texas, but I guess I'm a little biased since I grew up there. Hope you all made it back to CO safely!!


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