About Me

Hi!  Thanks for coming to see me today.  I appreciate you taking time out so that I can share part of my journey with you.  I hope that you will share part of your journey with me in return.  I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and finding out how I can support their goals.  You can always email me at kristen.seuberling@gmail.com.

This is me.  I'm a late 20's girl who hasn't gotten it all figured out quite yet.  But that's okay... I make some great funny faces, and my hair does whatever it feels like.

 This is the man-friend husband, Ammon.  He put a ring on it back in August or September (who can remember things like that?) 2012, and we got hitched in June.  He likes romance, hot baths, and Chemistry.  Not in that order.

This is us.  We got together in November 2009, and it's been quite the epic journey.  It made me believe in true love, marriage, and the notion that soul mates and perfect partners really exist.  I never thought all of the fairy tales were true.  Now I know there is something even better.

This is the cat, Beckham.  He's a snuggler.  He doesn't allow Ammon and I to touch each other unless he's getting some cuddles too.  He also loves the finer things in life... copious catnip, Sweet Wheat cat litter, and grain-free, corn-free specialty cat food that costs more than a week's worth of groceries.

We make an interesting family, but we really wouldn't have it any other way.  We really hope that you stick around and share in our antics and adventures!